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Comau is a global leader in delivering advanced industrial automation products, systems and services

Comau’s competence stems from over 45 years of factory-proven experience and a strong international network of 8 manufacturing plants, 7 innovation centers and 5 digital hubs with more than 9,000 people and spanning 14 countries.

With a strong focus on innovation, Comau is committed to the continuous development of skills and know-how providing training for individuals and groups as part of its open automation approach.

Comau is driving the future of production automation by engineering lean and sustainable solutions and products. Its modular, flexible and highly-configurable products can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer.

Through the continuous development of products and services, Comau is able to lead the automation industry in every phase of a project: from design, implementation and installation, to production start-up and maintenance services.

The full portfolio includes: joining, assembly and machining solutions for traditional and electric vehicles, robotized manufacturing systems, a complete family of robots with extensive range and payload configurations, autonomous logistics, and asset optimization services with real-time monitoring and control capabilities.


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Interesting Facts

  • In 2018 and 2019, in China, Comau showcased the educational robot e.DO as the helpful «assistant» of the star guest on the Season 2 and 3 of the TV show «Machine vs. Human», broadcasted on CCTV-1.

  • In 2017, Comau’s humanoid robot, AMICO, was one of the protagonists of the Robot exhibition held at the Science Museum in London. Based on Comau’s Racer3 technology, AMICO is equipped with two arms, two hands with three fingers each, a moving head and two eyes. It features an innovative mix of technology and design, and demonstrates how the small Racer3 robot can be mounted in virtually any position, and can bend to reach the surrounding space. Built entirely in aluminum and magnesium, Racer3 weighs just 30 kg with a maximum reach of 630 mm and payload of 3 kg.

  • In 2017, a Comau robot competed with Jeremy Lin and other world-class basketball players on CCTV’s “Machine vs. Human”. In the first round of the game, Comau’s robot beat the Guinness World Record holder of three-pointers, Hejing Song. NBA superstar Jeremy Lin joined the second round of the game. The rules were upgraded; Jeremy Lin and the Comau robot shot three-pointers, while another robot moved the basketball hoop. See the challenge at:

  • In 2017, a Comau robot began helping students learn math, art and other school subjects for the first time. This project, developed together with various schools and institutions, is a concrete example of how advanced technologies can be used to develop a new way of learning, effectively integrating and supporting traditional teaching tools and methodologies. The robot selected to work alongside students in their learning adventure is the new e.DO modular and articulated robot, designed and constructed by Comau (in open-source) to be used for educational purposes. Learn more at:

  • In 2016, a completely collaborative system offered Italy's renowned coffee to the visitors at Automatica, the leading trade fair for smart automation and robotics.

  • In 2015, Italian NBA player Marco Belinelli challenged Racer, one of the latest industrial robots from Comau, to a basketball shootout. Watch the robot learn how to shoot hoops and become an unbeatable basketball player:

  • Robots, fun & entertainment: playing golf, fencing, checkers, tris. During exhibitions where Comau is involved, Comau robots, from the smallest to the largest ones, are used to entertain visitors. The aim is to demonstrate the robots’ abilities and make robotics familiar to people.

  • Foundation: the company has had an international reach from the very beginning. In fact, its foundation was linked to a project developed by Fiat at the beginning of the Seventies to construct a new plant in Russia that replicated the Mirafiori plant in Turin (Italy). The companies supporting Fiat in the project joined forces to create a consortium – COnsorzio MAcchine Utensili (or machine tool consortium) – which became COMAU.