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Lancia is the synthesis of over 100 years of sophisticated design and elegance.


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Interesting Facts

  • Lancia is renowned for introducing numerous innovations:

    • 1913 – Lancia Theta is the first European production car to feature a complete electrical system as standard equipment
    • 1922 – Lancia Lambda is the first production car with monocoque body and independent front wheels
    • 1931 – Lancia Astura is the first production car in the world with patented engine mounting system that can freely oscillate to prevent vibrations being transmitted to the chassis and bodywork
    • 1933 – Lancia Augusta is the first saloon with monocoque body
    • 1937 – Lancia Aprilia is the first car with four-wheel independent suspension
    • 1950 – Lancia Aurelia is the first car to have a 60° V6 engine with gearbox and differential assembled on the rear axle
    • 1973 – Lancia Stratos with alloy and fiberglass body
    • 1982 – Lancia Trevi is the first production car with direct injection and Volumex charger
  • Lancia has a strong rally heritage. In the World Rally Championship, it remains the most statistically successful marque, winning a total of 11 constructor’s titles over the years.

  • Lancia and women have had a special bond since the beginning. Back in 1926, in Warsaw, Poland, Ludmila Bosuslawska won the Jazda Konkursowa Pań, the first Womens’ rally ever. Her car was a Lancia Lambda. Unfortunately, her trophy was lost in 1944 during the Warsaw Uprising and for decades the glory and importance of that victory were largely forgotten. In 2016, having rediscovered this incredible story, Lancia celebrated the 90 th anniversary of Ludmila’s victory on June 27th , paying homage to her and all the women who, every day, demonstrate their strength and tenacity.

  • Lancia is also known for using letters of the Greek alphabet for its model names, such as Beta, Delta, Kappa, Theta, Lambda, Ypsilon.

  • Lancia boasts a long list of famous owners, including Marcello Mastroianni, Brigitte Bardot, Alain Delon, Jean Paul Belmondo, J.L. Trintignant and Emerson Fittipaldi.

  • Lancia has a long-lasting relationship with the movie world. The brand sponsored the Venice Film Festival for seven consecutive years and the link between the two icons, Lancia and Venice, could not be clearer: they are both the essence of Italian elegance and beauty.

  • You don’t have to be a movie expert to remember the many Lancias in Federico Fellini’s masterpiece “La Dolce Vita” (1969), the convertible Lancia Aurelia in Dino Risi’s most famous movie “The Easy Life” (Il Sorpasso, 1962), the Flavia Coupé in Claude Lelouch’s highly acclaimed “A Man and a Woman” (Un Homme et une Femme, 1966), and Alain Delon’s Lancia Delta in “For a Cop’s Hide” (Pour la peau d'un flic, 1981). A natural tie that saw Lancia also become a co-star in Ron Howard’s movie “Angels & Demons” (2009).

  • Lancia also has a leading role when it comes to fashion. In 2017, Lancia Ypsilon was the official sponsor of the first retrospective Italian exhibit of the work of Peter Lindbergh, the German photographer and fashion genius who rewrote the rules of fashion photography. Lancia Ypsilon supported “White Women’s Collections”, the contemporary fashion show in Milan, and sponsored “Taomoda”, the prestigious event held in Taormina, Sicily (Italy) that closes the fashion year in Europe.

  • Over 30 years, Lancia has created more than 30 special series of the Ypsilon.

  • Since 2017, the Lancia Ypsilon has supported the Fondazione Veronesi and its commitment to breast cancer prevention and research through Participation as Top Partner in the annual PittaRosso Pink Parade charity run. This commitment further strengthens the emotional link between the Ypsilon and its target customers, which was also highlighted via the “What a Wonderful Word” project launched in 2019.

Lancia has been interpreting Italian style and attitude since 1906.

With its elegance and personality, the Lancia brand is the ideal choice for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

The ever-popular Lancia Ypsilon is the essence of the Lancia brand history, a tradition in which the fusion of sophisticated elegance and originality is expressed through a unique and original design in the segment.

Today’s Ypsilon continues to encapsulate the values and experiences of the past, reinterpreting them in a contemporary key that has led to its long-standing claim as the small car (B segment) most loved by Italian women. Several special series trims ensure every woman can find the perfect vehicle to express her individuality and authenticity.

Since 2017, Lancia has returned to focus exclusively on the Italian market.

The new Lancia Ypsilon Hybrid EcoChic was presented to the media in May 2020.

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