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Career Areas

After Sales (MOPAR)

Giving a new meaning to service, continuously caring for our customers.

The after-sales team puts customers at the center, providing after-sales customer care, technical support for customers and dealers and ensuring that our products meet the established standards of "repair-ability" and maintenance.

Business Management

Exploring new opportunities for the future of the company.

This team is responsible for strategic planning of organizational units and exploring opportunities that will offer long-term growth and ensure our company remains competitive.

Communications and External Relations

Delivering our message.

This team is responsible for clear and efficient communication with external stakeholders (media, press, investors, institutions, etc.), managing relationships in a manner consistent with the company’s image, values and strategic objectives.


Shaping ideas into vehicles.

Our team ensures the harmony, beauty and functionality of our products, cooperating closely with the Product Development team.


Maximizing the value of our ideas and assets.

No other team has their finger on the pulse of our business like our Finance team. In addition to core financial activities, we look to our Finance team for strategic leadership in areas such as Operations, Sales, Manufacturing and Business Development.

Financial Services (FCA Bank)

Where there is a car, you’ll find FCA BANK.

Supporting sales to consumers and the dealer network through financing or other financial assistance. The Financial Services team is responsible for setting the policies and forms of financing in line with market demand, and ensuring credit recovery in the event of insolvency.

Human Resources

Talented people are our passion.

Our Human Resources team works to ensure we have the talent on board to take us into the future. They provide the programs and strategic initiatives that help us achieve our overall business goals, align talent with business areas and cultures, and actively promote cross-functional development.

Information Technologies

Enabling the business of the future.

No team exemplifies the importance of information technologies in driving business forward like our team. Acting as a strategic partner to every area of our business – from finance to manufacturing – in projects from architecture to infrastructure, our professionals invest more than just time and effort in anticipating the needs of the future. They thoroughly commit themselves to knowing their internal customers and their unique challenges.

Internal Audit

Ensuring our business is guided by integrity and correctness.

This team coordinates the auditing processes and oversees activities implemented to guarantee respect of company policies and procedures. The team also collaborates with external auditors to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


Safeguarding our business and embracing transparency.

To support our interests around the world, we employ legal professionals with expertise in a wide range of specialties to help protect our assets and investments by monitoring regulations, anticipating obstacles and proactively seeking solutions to maintain our competitive advantage.


Where concepts become reality.

Our manufacturing facilities are some of the most productive and efficient in the industry. Our technologies and manufacturing processes are leading edge. Combined with the enthusiastic involvement and passion of our men and women for continuous improvement, they allow us to deliver the high-quality products that consumers are looking for today. These are fast-paced work environments where you’ll find your work entrepreneurial, engaging… challenging. Our implementation of the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) methodology has allowed us to drive continuous improvements in quality, cost, lead time, flexibility and customer service. It has empowered our team to think creatively and take ownership of our work and our success.

Product Development

Combining heritage, technology and innovation.

This team is setting the pace for the company, pioneering innovative automotive technologies and imagining designs that will allow us to deliver new and exciting driving experiences.
Significant challenges and opportunities await those who join this team. The professionals in this team are free to think bigger, to push harder, and to continually invent and even reinvent automotive technologies and designs. The formula for success in the next generation of vehicles calls for responsible, sustainable and affordable mobility. You will have the resources at your disposal to deliver these next generation vehicles, including the latest in virtual analysis tools and the most extensive and complete testing facilities under one roof in the world.


Whatever our company needs, we will find it, buy it and deliver it.

One of the organizations instrumental to growth and leadership in our industry is Purchasing. It is responsible for global sourcing for all of our parts and services and for creating the strategic and innovative supplier partnerships that will ensure our quality and keep our products ahead in the market.
A career in this area means a career with truly international reach.


Ensure the highest standards of excellence.

Exceeding the customer's needs and expectations is a commitment and priority we take seriously. This is why our Quality team plays such an important role in our work and our success.
A unique organizational division, our Quality group acts as an independent third-party in the engineering and manufacturing process, always representing the needs of the customer. They take a hands-on role in identifying and solving challenges that affect every aspect of customer satisfaction with our product – from avoiding ordinary quality issues that might inconvenience the customer to quality perception issues that contribute to shopper avoidance, and to preventing performance and service issues that could impact on the vehicle's consumer ranking or customer loyalty.
Our Quality organization has a very technical focus. You will work with engineering professionals from a variety of backgrounds. You will also work with project managers and data analysts who help us examine our product and performance from every angle. Our commitment to quality impacts every corner of our organization. That makes the Quality organization an outstanding place to begin a career at FCA.

Sales and Marketing

Understanding the needs and desires of our customers.

We are a company of legendary brands, each having a distinctive and loyal customer base. Our Sales and Marketing teams help us position our legendary and highly respected brands in the global marketplace. They help us drive excitement for our brands worldwide through advertising and promotions. They create the long-lasting customer and dealer relationships that help us deliver an outstanding product and the ideal customer experience.
Whether you enjoy direct customer contact or developing sophisticated marketing strategies, our Sales and Marketing organizations offer a wide range of challenging career options and tremendous opportunities for professional growth.

Security, Safety and Facilities

Always putting safety first.

Oversees and cohesively runs all aspects of industrial and environmental safety, providing solutions for improvement that are in line with regulatory changes and which satisfy and anticipate the company’s safety needs.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Optimizing the value chain.

The Supply Chain Management team works in the core of our business – at the center of our activities and our success.
Our Supply Chain Management professionals are responsible for the planning and logistics behind every component of our product, incoming and outgoing, to the delivery of our product to our dealers and customers. It’s a big role, and it makes for a fast-paced, high-energy work environment where you will be continually challenged and developing.
SCM is an action-based organization where collaboration among all disciplines and areas is constant. Our Supply Chain Management team is at the hub of this collaboration, working with areas from Sales and Marketing to Engineering and Manufacturing to coordinate smooth and efficient operation.