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FCA workers in the production plant

FCA operates more than 100 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities around the world

FCA prides itself in its comprehensive operations approach as the backbone to the organization's worldwide vehicle production, parts and assembly architecture. Although innovative technologies and automation are key to overall efficiency and the quality of the final product, the role of people in the manufacturing process has become more important than ever before.

Our approach revolves around the concepts of teamwork, advanced training methods and people engagement. We operate more than 100 manufacturing facilities, including vehicle and light commercial vehicle assembly, powertrain and components plants to build award-winning products on strategically shared platforms. Our streamlined and efficient quality-control processes, along with continuous improvement in supply chain methodologies, are vital to our sustained growth in world-class product offerings.


World Class Manufacturing (WCM) is a rigorous and integrated manufacturing system that leverages the involvement and development of our people, throughout all FCA facilities worldwide. It is the foundation not only of our production processes, but first and foremost of our industrial culture.

The target of WCM is to meet the customer expectations by engaging and motivating all levels of our organization. Although technology is important, the investment in our people is what really matters to achieve excellence in our manufacturing system. The core functions of the manufacturing system are outlined in each of the technical pillar methodologies covering safety, cost deployment, focused improvement, autonomous activities, professional maintenance, logistics, quality, early equipment management, early product management, environment and energy. The application of each technical pillar empowers our teams to drive savings and to grow intangible assets. This includes increased autonomy, leadership behaviors and higher knowledge at all levels of the organization.

Our final belief is that to achieve and sustain World Class levels in every aspect of manufacturing, you must develop competent leaders throughout all levels of the organization who are capable of supporting the needs of an ideal production system.

Production Plants

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