Advanced Propulsion

Jeep Renegade EWA

FCA’s propulsion technologies deliver on the
promise of compelling mobility.

No single technology can meet all the needs of the global marketplace. So FCA vehicles deliver the efficiency, functionality and driving pleasure customers want and with the solutions that are best suited for their market. When it comes to propulsion, we offer electrified models as well as those that run on alternative fuels. We also continue to refine and improve our traditional internal combustion engines (ICEs) which power the majority of our vehicles.


New Fiat 500 Electric

The all-new Fiat 500 – changing the rules of the game for zero-emissions vehicles

  • Range of up to 320 km (WLTP combined cycle)

  • Engine output of 87 kW

  • Battery: 42kWh installed capacity, Lithium-Ion (3rd gen)

  • Maximum speed: 150 km/h (self-limited)

  • Acceleration: 0-50 km/h in 3.1 seconds and 0-100 km/h in 9.0 seconds

  • 85kW DC fast charger as standard. Fast charge, sufficient to travel 50 km, in just 5 minutes

  • Mode 3 cable for charging at up to 11kW AC from the public mains

  • Home charging through the Easy Wallbox™ plug-and-charge solution ready for power up to 7.4kW AC

  • Combo 2 smart port (for both AC/DC charging)

Jeep Wallbox

The new Jeep Renegade and Compass 4xe – featuring plug-in hybrid electric technology

  • 1.3-liter T4 turbo gasoline engine with rear-mounted electric motor

  • Pure electric range: 50 km

  • Battery: Lithium-ion, 400-volt, 11.4 kWh

  • Fully rechargeable in less than 2 hours (100 minutes) with Easy Wallbox™ quick charger (7.4kW) or a public charging point

  • Battery also charged while driving/braking

  • Acceleration: 0-100 in less than 7.5 seconds

  • Top speed in electric mode: 130km/h (200 km/h in hybrid mode)

  • CO2 emissions lower than 50 g/km in hybrid mode

  • Zero CO2 emissions in full-electric mode

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid – the first and only hybrid in its class, which uses the exclusive PentaStar eHybrid Propulsion System

  • Best-in-class EPA rating of more than 80 MPGe

  • Electric only range of more than 30 miles (total range of more than 500 miles)

  • Rechargeable in two hours using a Level 2 charging station (240V AC)

  • Innovative dual-motor eFlite EVT (electrically-variable transmission)

  • Specially-adapted Atkinson-Cycle PentaStar 3.6-liter V6 engine

  • Delivers 287 horsepower

  • Uconnect 5th generation system with upgraded Hybrid Electric Pages

All-new Jeep Commander PHEV

All-new Jeep Commander PHEV – Jeep’s first New Energy Vehicle for the Chinese market

  • Pure electric range: 70 km

  • Combined fuel consumption as low as 1.6L/100km

  • Innovative SiEVT electrically variable transmission, which features two electric motors both capable of driving the vehicle’s wheels

  • Top speed in electric mode: 125km/h

  • Battery: 13 kWh, lithium-ion

Fiat Panda and 500 Mild Hybrid

Fiat Panda and 500 Mild Hybrid

  • 1-liter, 3-cylinder, 70 hp (51.5 kW) Firefly gasoline engine developed for 500 and Panda

  • 12-volt BSG (Belt-integrated Starter Generator) electric motor

  • Battery: Lithium, 11 Ah capacity, 148.5 Wh energy

  • Regenerative e-Coasting and e-Braking modes

  • Sailing Mode: the car’s systems continue to function below 30 km/h with the engine off

  • Enhanced fuel efficiency: 5.3 l/100 km for 500; 5.6 l/100 km for Panda (WLTP)

RAM 1500 eTorquee

Ram 1500 full-size pickup with eTorque, a mild-hybrid electrification system

  • Powered by a 48V DC battery

  • Recharges battery through regenerative braking

  • Launch assist

  • Start-Stop capabilities

Ethanol Flex Fuel Technology

  • Ethanol flex-fuel technology developed by FCA defined the world standard for flex/alcohol fuels

  • Flex/Alcohol technology enabled Brazil to become the only country in the world with a real alternative to oil-based fuels

  • Leveraging sugarcane-based ethanol fuels, the technology developed by FCA provides well-to-wheel environmental benefits

  • Flex-fuel will continue to be the central technology for Brazil over the coming years

New global families of gasoline engines

Internal Combustion Technology

Internal combustion engines (ICEs) remain the world’s dominant propulsion technology and FCA is committed to further exploring the potential of this technology for the benefit of our customers and the environment.

Recent FCA innovations include two new global families of gasoline engines that leverage turbocharging and highly-efficient fuel injection technologies. Both engine families have also been designed to form the basis of development of our various hybrid solutions.

  • Global Medium Engine – 2.0L four-cylinder with turbochargers and direct injection

    • Debuted on the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio combined with exclusive MultiAir technology

  • Global Small Engine – 1.3L four-cylinder, 1.0L three-cylinder variants, naturally-aspirated and turbocharged

    • Debuted on the Fiat Uno in Brazil in 2017

Note: Not all features and technologies indicated are available in all markets, or on all versions of a given vehicle. Check the applicable brand website for information about features available in your area.