Innovations That Drive Your Future

FCA’s history is marked by more than a century of innovation. Many of the Company’s innovation breakthroughs are now standard equipment, industry-wide, around the world. FCA remains committed to such excellence as we continually strive to improve vehicle performance, safety, connectivity and fuel efficiency, while delivering a product our customers are proud to own and drive.

Around 18,000 employees at numerous research and development facilities around the globe are involved in the Group’s innovation activities.

FCA has a significant intellectual property portfolio, with 5,726 patents and patent applications, and 1,941 protected product designs at year-end 2018. During 2018, the Group invested €3.5 billion in research and development, representing 3.2 percent of net revenues from industrial operations.

Pillars of Innovation

Future Mobility

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

We are on the threshold of the biggest revolution in personal transportation.


Ram Dashboard

Our vehicles are designed to keep the driver connected and informed, but most importantly, focused on the road.

Advanced Propulsion

Electric car

FCA’s propulsion technologies deliver on the promise of compelling mobility.

Product Strengths

Maserati Quattroporte

We all have our own personalities and strengths and so do our brands. Each is unique, defined by distinctive values.

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