Special Voting Shares

​Shareholders participating in the Loyalty Voting Program will have their common shares registered in the Loyalty Register maintained by the Company’s registrar. Those shares are not tradable. In order to be able to trade, shareholders may, at any time, request de-registration from the Loyalty Register and transfer of the common shares to the account of an intermediary participant in either DTC or MT. By de-registering, shareholders will no longer be entitled to the associated special voting shares.​

  • Special Voting Shares - Terms and Conditions

In order to participate in/exit from the “Loyalty Voting Structure”:

U.S. shareholders may contact:

Computershare (U.S.)P.O. Box 43078
Providence, RI 02940
  Telephone:1-855-807-3164 (U.S.)
1-732-491-0514 (outside U.S.)

  E-mail: web.queries@computershare.com

Shareholders whose shares are or have to be deposited with a Monte Titoli Participant may contact:

Computershare S.p.A.Via Nizza 262/73 - 10126 Turin (Italy)
  Telephone:+39 011-0923206

  E-mail: fca@computershare.it