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AdaptIVe Brings Europe Together

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  • AdaptIVe Brings Europe Together

December 20, 2017 – FCA has been participating as a partner in the AdaptIVe (Automated Driving Applications and Technologies for Intelligent Vehicles) project, the first large-scale European collaborative research project on automated driving.

Launched in 2014, the project involved 28 partners from all over Europe, including vehicle manufacturers, automotive and technology suppliers and research institutes collaborating to develop various automated driving functions for daily traffic by dynamically adapting the level of automation to the situation and the driver.

AdaptIVe focused on the performance and acceptance of automated vehicle systems with the goal of improving safety by minimizing the effects of human errors.

The project tested and developed integrated applications in relevant traffic scenarios, taking into account a wide range of automation levels and different levels of traffic complexity. The scenarios tested in the AdaptIVe project included low-speed parking scenarios, mid-speed urban driving, and high-speed highway driving up to 130 km/h. AdaptIVe has improved driver-vehicle interactions, increasing user acceptance.

The project also focused on the legal framework related to automated driving; product liability, road traffic and regulatory laws, data privacy and security were core project concerns. In addition, the project defined and validated specific evaluation methodologies, addressing both technical functionalities and the impacts of automated driving applications.

In 2017, FCA, along with other automakers involved in the project, completed the development and testing of demonstration vehicles that included several automated functions offering different levels of assistance.

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