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    Sharing to Educate

Comau, a Group company, is one of the global leaders in industrial automation systems. The company recently opened the doors of its management training academy to schools and universities to contribute to the development of the next generation, recruit students with the highest potential and train them in-house.
The extensive technical and management know-how Comau has developed over the years represents a rich source of knowledge and learning for the leaders of tomorrow.
Comau Academy, whose primary focus is the technical and professional development of managers within the organization, has also become part of a network of businesses, trade and professional secondary schools, and universities working together to reduce the gap between the academic world and industry. As part of its involvement in that network, Comau offers students with demonstrated potential direct access to its team of professionals, providing them the opportunity to gain on-the-job experience at company sites around the world.

Comau, an Italian company that operates worldwide, feels a strong social responsibility toward young people preparing to enter the professional world. To help them in that process, we have made our corporate know-how and the specialist experience of our managers available to schools and universities.

Donatella Pinto, Head of HR and Ezio Fregnan, Training Manager at Comau

Comau Academy: continuing education

What makes an enterprise, first and foremost, is the people – professionals investing their time, skills and passion – who contribute every day to improving its performance. Comau places major emphasis on the motivation and training of its people, because it believes their individual professional abilities are the key to the success of the company as a whole, and to achieving the added value necessary to maintain its competitive edge.
The Comau Academy was established to share the group’s extensive experience in managing industrial processes with businesses and other organizations operating in the global marketplace. The Comau learning model is built around three core tenets: content driven learning, relationship driven learning, action driven learning.
Students learn through the theory taught in the classroom, through social and professional interaction and, most important of all, through concrete action and facing and learning to resolve problems during on-the-job training.

​​Comau Academy Infographic
Levels of Driving Automation
Type of Driving Level Level of automation
Automated driving system
Monitors driving environment
Level 5 Full Automation
Level 4 High Automation
Level 3 Conditional Automation
Human driver
Monitors driving environment
Level 2 Partial Automation
Level 1 Driver Assistance
Level 0 No Automation

A Master’s program that prepares students to enter the workplace

Organized with the Politecnico di Torino and funded by the Region of Piedmont, the Master’s in Industrial Automation is a two-year post graduate course consisting of a first year of theory taught entirely in English and a second year of on-the-job practical training. A total of 25 students from Italy and abroad are currently participating in the program, which is now in its third edition.
The program’s approach is to develop the students’ skills through interaction with others and, even more importantly, by learning to deal with real life situations that can’t be taught in a textbook.
All of the participants work at Comau under a two-year advanced apprenticeship contract to qualify for permanent employment upon completion of the course.

Experience is the hardest kind of teacher.

Oscar Wilde

PPM School and the secrets of successful managers

The Project and People Management School is a ten day study program organized by Comau in collaboration with the Politecnico di Torino, Università Cattolica di Milano, Technische Universität München and Tongji University. Courses are held at the Comau Management Academy in Detroit (USA) and, this year for the first time, also in Shanghai (China) and Turin (Italy). The course is open to students in their final two years of university studies (any major) who are interested in acquiring concrete tools and methodologies for managing people and projects in a multinational environment. Participants in the course can earn credits as well as having a unique opportunity to prepare themselves to begin their careers with a better understanding of their aspirations and potential.

Infographic - PPM School. 2013: Comau management Academy in Detroit attends by 35 students (19 from Politecnico di Torino, and 16 from Cattolica di Milano); 2014: Comau management Academy to be held in Torino, Detroit and Shanghai (course taught entirely in English).

Student Workshops

Two targeted workshops provide unique opportunities for students to get their first hands-on work experience:
“Ready to Work”, organized by Comau in collaboration with Politecnico di Torino is open to university students from around the world who are in the final year of their Automotive Engineering studies. Participants in the three day course simulate managing a contract from start to finish, with tasks including analyzing the customer’s requirements, formulating a budget, etc.
“Leadership & Management”, currently in its second edition, which consists of three days of training, in a workshop format, and focuses on the essential aptitudes and tools to guide oneself and others to achieving results.

Robotics School

The jewel in Comau’s crown is its Robotics business unit, which has spread the Comau name around the world and is always looking for talented young engineers. Comau recently opened an industrial robotics lab at its headquarters in Turin. The objective of RoboLAB, a partnership between Comau and Politecnico di Torino, is to establish joint training initiatives that strengthen the level of collaboration and interchange between industry and academia. The Lab is open to students, graduates, apprentices, researchers and professors interested in contributing to the development of products and applications in the industrial robotics area, in close collaboration with the company’s management.
Comau is also a technology supplier and partner in the “Robotica a scuola” network, which was formed in Turin in 2010 by 17 technical and professional secondary schools, with the support of the Education Department for the Region of Piedmont, Region of Piedmont, Employers’ Association for the Province of Turin, Education Supervisor for the Province of Turin, Turin Chamber of Commerce, AMMA (Aziende Meccaniche Meccatroniche Associate) and Politecnico di Torino. The network’s goal is to establish training initiatives that bring educational institutions and students specializing in robotics into contact with companies and other organizations active in the sector. The network currently includes 55 schools from three regions of Italy. The number is set to grow following agreements recently signed with education authorities in two additional regions.
Comau also has training initiatives in place for secondary school graduates.

Robotics School Infographic
Robotics at school:
established in Turin i 2010 by a group of 17 technical and professional schools. Today the network includes 55 schools in 3 regions, with 2 more regions having joined the initiative.
Institutional Partners:
The Educational Department for the Region of Piedmont
Region of Piedmont
Province of Turin - Education Supervisor
Turin Chamber of Commerce
Employers' Association for the Province of Turin
AMMA (Aziende Meccaniche Meccatroniche Associate)
Politecnico di Torino

Experience as a toolbox

Experience as a toolbox, Comau book cover 

Comau managers are passionate about sharing their technical know-how and management experience with students and are actively involved in Comau Academy’s own training programs and initiatives with other partners.

As part of that sharing process, Comau published a book entitled “Project and People Management”, an operating guide which draws on the collective experience of Comau managers from around the world. The book was written and edited by three Comau executives who run the PPM School: Donatella Pinto (Head of HR), Mauro Fenzi (Head of Body Welding) and Ezio Fregnan (Training Manager).

Proceeds from the book will go toward funding scholarships.

Comau Academy for School and University:
Robots in School
Project and People Management School
Second-level master's degree in Industrial Automation
"Ready to Work" workshop
Leadership and Management Program

Ezio Fregnan, Comau & Teksid Training Manager

July 2014

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