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Dancing in a Pure Mechanics of Emotion

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  • Dancing in a Pure Mechanics of Emotion

December 20, 2017 – An obsessive, amazing, devastating love story inspired the song “Wicked Game,” written and sung by Chris Isaak.

“Wicked Game” is also the title of the video in which the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio dance on ice, flaunting the precision, harmony, agility and control of two professional skaters.

In this passionate performance, the two vehicles demonstrate their inherent flair, embodied in Alfa Romeo’s Q4 all-wheel drive system. The technology optimizes the power distributed to each wheel, ensuring maximum grip in all driving and road conditions.

Sit back and enjoy the performance:

Now you can go behind the scenes of “Wicked Game.” No special effects. Just flawless mechanics, capable of guaranteeing safety, precision and an extraordinarily dynamic performance. This wealth of technology not only physically held the cars on the ice, but also helped the drivers maintain full control.

These cars also feature a vehicle design worthy of the Alfa Romeo logo, crafted around its exceptional performances.

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