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Enjoy, The Best Way To Get Around The City

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  • Enjoy, The Best Way To Get Around The City

November 21, 2017 – Enjoy, the car-sharing service that offers a fleet of Fiat vehicles to urban drivers in Italy, becomes bigger and even more eco-friendly.

The service was launched in Milan by Eni Group, in partnership with FCA, at the end of 2013. Since then, it has provided more than 2,400 vehicles. The partnership was renewed in 2017.

Since its launch, approximately 675,000 individuals in Milan, Rome, Florence, Turin and Catania have signed up to use it and 13 million rentals have been logged.

In 2017, FCA and Eni also signed a memorandum of understanding which extends the use of car-sharing and underlines the versatility and flexibility of compressed natural gas (CNG).

The Enjoy fleet has been expanded as a testing phase in 2018 to include Fiat Professional Doblò vans in the new Enjoy Cargo service where 20 percent of the Fiat Doblò fleet are now CNG powered.

All operations, from registration to use, are managed online through smartphone applications.

You simply look at the map and see what's available nearby, or in the area that interests you. Or if you see what you want as you're walking along the pavement, just take it.

Thanks to the GPS navigation system, the Enjoy map shows you the quickest way to get to the vehicle you've booked. And how do you open the door? With the smartphone, of course.

Once the vehicle is unlocked, enter your PIN code directly on your smartphone. Then start the engine, using the key which you'll find in the dedicated compartment.

Need to tank up? In all cities where the Enjoy service is available, you can fill up and each time you will get a voucher for your rentals. What's more, Enjoy will pay the bill.

When you reach your destination, you can park Enjoy vehicles wherever allowed within the coverage area or use the reserved parking areas that you find while traveling around the city.

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