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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Expo Milano 2015 Expo is over but the journey continues for FCA

184 days, FCA inside and outside Expo.

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  • Expo is over but the journey continues for FCA

​​Expo: our commitment to sustainability

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, with the Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Fiat Professional, Jeep, Lancia, Abarth and Mopar brands, took part at the Universal Exposition as Official Global Partner. Expo Milano 2015 was a truly unique event. Boasting an exhibition area of one million square meters, the biggest ever event held on food and drink and nutrition was visited by more than 20 million people.
FCA met the mobility requirements of the participants and shared some of its experience and best practices in innovation and environmental and social responsibility.

The Tree of Life at EXPO 2015

The key themes for the Group of protection of the environment, respect for the communities in which it operates and attention to its stakeholders all found different expressions in many of the Expo pavilions, symbolic confirmation that the commitment made has no boundaries or geography and belongs to the Group on a global scale.
Experts in various sectors and key Group figures were the main players at a series of roundtables and workshops (online and offline) involving more than 25,000 people, dedicated to energy efficiency, waste recycling, water saving, product innovation and initiatives focusing on the young. These meetings ran alongside institutional events which brought to Expo the theme of sustainable mobility and methane as an alternative fuel which can create benefits for the environment right now, especially considering its potential as a renewable source of energy through biomethane.
The Group’s involvement as Official Global Partner ended with the closing of Expo, but sustainability - a key value which ran through the whole event - continues to be a key priority. In fact, for FCA sustainability is a journey which continues with a full-scale commitment to promoting innovation, bringing the best out of people, combatting climate change and protecting the Planet’s resources.

​​​Life is a journey. Let’s make it sustainable

Through a number of brand initiatives which spread out from the Expo Site all over the city of Milan, FCA was able to demonstrate its commitment to the key themes of Expo Milan 2015.
FCA has always offered vehicles and mobility solutions which respect the Planet, with a gradual reduction in the environmental impact along the entire life cycle of vehicles. A mobility which is then transformed into a responsible journey which does not only consider ‘where’ but also ‘how’. ​​

Expo Milano 2015 - Logo with cars

​FCA provided the Universal Exposition with a total of 105 eco-sustainable vehicles from the FCA fleet. Thirty five of these were used by the Expo 2015 staff, and fifty Fiat 500L Natural Power vehicles (which can also be powered using biomethane) were used by the delegations from the exhibiting countries. Ten Fiat 500e vehicles were used within the Expo Site and a further ten were used for representation services.
​Furthermore, FCA was present with the Fiat brand inside the Expo Site with a very particular street furniture project, in line with the values of the event and environmental sustainability: the 500 flower boxes of the “To Make a Tree” project created by the architect and designer Fabio Novembre.

Expo Highlights

Delivery ceremony for vehicles for Expo Milano 2015

During an event set against the splendid backdrop of Via Dante and Piccolo Teatro di Milano, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles delivered the fleet of 500L vehicles personalized with a particular graphical scheme to Expo Milano 2015.​ ​The vehicles were used by the Expo staff in car-sharing.

Expo Highlights

The 500L Living tours Milan and environs

​The 500L Living heads up a mini-tour of symbolic locations in the city of Milan, the host of Expo 2015.​

Expo Highlights

Personalization of vehicles for the Expo

The artwork featured on the bodies of the cars delivered to Expo Milano 2015 depicts a lush meadow covering the entire side of each vehicle. This texture was created to ensure adequate visibility for the theme of “sustainable mobility” promoted by the partnership.​

Expo Highlights

FCA delivers eco fleet to Expo Milano 2015

​Present at the ceremony were Alfredo Altavilla (COO for FCA’s EMEA Region), Giuliano Pisapia (Mayor of Milan), Giuseppe Sala (CEO, Expo 2015) and Fabrizio Sala (Regional Councilor for Expo 2015).​

Expo Highlights

FCA welcomes all the Countries attending Expo Milano 2015

​Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Official Global Partner of Expo Milano 2015, together with its brands, welcomes all the visitors to the event with an outdoor campaign composed of high impact maxi-boards, posters and video installations.​​

Expo Highlights

UN Secretary General receives Charter of Milan signed by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and CNH Industrial

​Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and CNH Industrial, Official Global Partners of the universal event Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy, have officially signed Expo’s cultural legacy document “The Charter of Milan”. ​​​

Expo Highlights

Presentation of an eco-sustainable fleet for the Expo

​Seventy cars on display at the Arco della Pace, a symbolic place in the proximity of Parco Sempione in Milan, where the International Exposition was held in 1906.​​​​

Fiat 500 L for Expo Milano 2015Expo Milano 2015 Logo for FCAExpo Milano 2015, FCA World Food map

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