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FCA What’s Behind: A Look Behind the Scenes at FCA’s R&D Activities

  • FCA What’s Behind: A Look Behind the Scenes at FCA’s R&D Activities

For the first time ever, FCA takes cameras behind the scenes for a captivating in-depth look at its vehicle development process

April 17, 2019 - Delivering the high standards of quality, safety, reliability and comfort found in every FCA Group vehicle requires intense work that often takes place behind the scenes: FCA What's Behind is a video project that reveals the details.

Getting behind the wheel of an FCA Group vehicle has become an important part of many people’s daily routine. Starting the engine and heading out into traffic with ease is automatic but only possible because of the demanding and complex work done by thousands of people around the world. A process that involves engineers and technicians who are skilled in ensuring quality, safety, reliability and comfort in all conditions.

The FCA What's Behind project describes for the first time the many activities that contribute to the development and quality of FCA’s vehicles. This documentary series will expand the horizons of automotive enthusiasts, professionals and car owners in general. Locations range from the ice in Arjeplog, Sweden, to the deserts in South Africa, where our products are tested under the most extreme conditions. The series also visits some of the Group’s centers of excellence such as the Balocco Proving Ground, and the FCA Safety Center and Research Center in Turin, Italy.

From dramatic locations to FCA’s state-of-the-art testing centers, proving grounds, plants and offices all working to deliver total quality in terms of driving pleasure, emissions, fuel efficiency and performance.

FCA What's Behind: S1E4 - The Wind Tunnel

FCA What's Behind: S1E3 - Balocco Proving Ground

FCA What’s Behind: S1E2 - South Africa: The Desert Test

FCA What’s Behind: S1E1 - Arjeplog

FCA What’s Behind: Trailer

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