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Fiat Centoventi Concept 

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The “democratic” answer to electric mobility

Fiat Concept Centoventi interior detail

March 8, 2019 - The 2019 Geneva International Motor Show is the chosen venue for the debut of the Fiat Centoventi Concept, a concept car that represents the perfect expression of the brand’s vision of electric mass mobility for the near future. The Centoventi (Italian for ‘one hundred and twenty’) is a bold, democratic vision based on 120 years of history and experience in the field. In keeping with the brand’s tradition, it is destined to distinguish itself from the pack just like the Fiat 500 did in the 1950s. It sparked an industrial and cultural revolution, going beyond the traditional boundaries in looks, design and engineering to become a masterpiece, unlike anything else in automotive history, and the first real example of mobility affordable to all.

Is it possible to create something just as revolutionary for our cities of the future? The answer is the Fiat Centoventi Concept, the most affordable electric mobility solution available and the only one with a range that is extendable from 100 km to 500 km via a modular battery system that also makes it capable of long trips. Conception and development of this concept model leveraged on the brand’s talent for creating popular, affordable, and ingenious products which has yielded cars with highly modular interiors and striking stylistic personality. Fittingly, the Fiat Centoventi Concept projects the brand into the future, with its innate ability to “democratize” the appealing and the trendy: “The ABC of cars: Affordable But Cool”.

Fiat Centoventi Concept in brief

The Fiat Centoventi Concept is essentially a blank canvas that can be decorated to fit a customer’s personal tastes and needs at any phase of life or time of day, and with no restrictions linked to when the vehicle was purchased. In fact, the vehicle will be produced in just one livery, which customers will be able to customize via the “4U” program, which offers a choice of 4 roofs, 4 bumpers, 4 wheel covers and 4 external wrappings. Just like modern electronic devices, this vehicle will offer consumers maximum freedom and imagination to change colors, interior configuration, roof configuration, infotainment system and even battery range. And one of the concept’s strong points is that consumers no longer have to wait for special editions or facelifts, because they can “change” their car whenever they like. This is made even more revolutionary by the more than 120 add-ons available at launch that will generate a genuinely new business model, as well as a community of Fiat Centoventi fans.

The Fiat Centoventi Concept is the response to a real design and business challenge, which embodies the functional spirit of the brand, while at the same time paying tribute to its 120-year history through a modern take on some traditional Fiat design elements. The Centoventi is inspired by Italian design and embodies Fiat’s “less is more” philosophy, which means getting rid of everything unnecessary to provide more space for people (More You) and for the environment and the community (More Care), as well as the values and looks that are part of the brand’s DNA (More Fiat). Through these three aspects, the Fiat Centoventi Concept revolutionizes the idea of electric mobility, both urban and extra-urban, successfully addressing the increasing challenges – in terms of traffic, regulations and cost of ownership – while also taking advantage of the new opportunities offered by electrification.

The Fiat Centoventi Concept is also perfectly suited to being the future star of company fleets, as well as for sharing with other users.

An innovative business model

The Centoventi can be constructed just as the owner wishes, introducing a new business model involving Mopar – the FCA company specialized in accessories, parts and services that enable innovative personalization – dealers and customers who are increasingly sophisticated on the digital front. With the exception of six key components (bumpers, polycarbonate roof, livery, Lingotto instrument cluster, batteries and digital tailgate), which can only be installed by dealers, the other 114 Mopar designed accessories – including sound system, dashboard and door storage compartments, seat cushions, etc. – can also be purchased on-line and fitted by customers themselves. What’s more, some basic accessories such as cup-holders or paper-holders, for example, can actually be produced using a 3D printer at home, at the local dealership or at a specialist printing shop. This represents an entirely new business model for auto accessories, enabling them to be resold or traded on the Web and creating a real community of brand fans or connoisseurs of Fiat’s Italian design. Being e-Commerce based, the new business model leverages on the virtual market which knows no boundaries.

A single customizable livery

Fiat Concept Centoventi

The Fiat Centoventi Concept changes the automotive paradigm. To simplify the production process, the vehicle will be made in a single color, similar to a treated metal, but will also be extremely customizable.
The new ”4U” program will offer customers a choice of four different roofs, four bumpers, four wheel covers and four wrapping films which, together with an extensive catalogue of add-ons, will make the Fiat Centoventi Concept unique and exclusive.
The wrapping can be applied by any dealer at any time, at the customer’s request. Because of the remarkably linear and flat exterior surfaces, this operation is fast and economical. The final effect is similar to metallic paint but, unlike paint, it doesn’t have to be forever.

A social media device

The car’s large tailgate can accommodate an innovative display for sharing messages with the outside world. For safety reasons, the display will only show the Fiat logo when the vehicle is on the move, but it can switch to ”messenger” mode when the vehicle is stopped. In addition, the digital tailgate can easily become a billboard which displays paid advertisements and help, for example, to recover the cost of parking.

Key Features

  • The batteries are modular and replaceable. Fiat Centoventi comes standard with a 100 km range and the option to buy (or lease) up to three additional batteries plus a fourth that can be stored under the seat.

  • Customizable seats made with eco-friendly materials inspired by the latest athletic footwear. No cloth. No springs. Only foam that is washable, removable and adjustable in density for personalized comfort.

  • The interactive tailgate can also be used as a personal billboard, making it the first car that can earn you money when parked.

  • A patented lock-system that allows you to plug in an infinite selection of add-ons to customize your car when and how you want.

  • Bumpers made in memory foam that are resilient, anti-scratch and, above all, easy and cheap to replace.

  • The vertical slots of the grill also function as a charge indicator.

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