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A Competition to Make our Plants Even Greener and Ever Safe

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  • A Competition to Make our Plants Even Greener and Ever Safe

At FCA, we recognize and value the contribution of every employee and everyone gets the chance to contribute to the continuous improvement of our Group.

One example of this is Environment, Health and Safety Leadership Awards (EHSLA), a global initiative designed to recognize the extraordinary commitment of our people, who put themselves on the line to design innovative and cost-saving solutions relating to energy, health and safety, and the environment.

First established in 1994 at Chrysler Group as the Environment Leadership Awards (ELA), in 2015 this initiative was expanded to include the areas of health and safety and became to the first edition of the FCA Environment, Health and Safety Leadership Awards (EHSLA).

The projects competing for the EHSLA are based on ideas of individual employees, teams or even suppliers who join forces to make FCA even more virtuous from a safety and the environmental perspective.

The development of a project personally engages the participants, each of them with their own originality and diversity, while the joint action of the creator of the project guarantees the success of the efforts made.

FCA EHS Leadership Awards, a girl writing 

The objectives of the EHSLA are:

  • to recognize individual and group initiatives that contribute to improvements in the safety and environmental performance of FCA’s products and production processes;

  • to demonstrate FCA’s commitment to issues related to the environment, health and safety, within both our plants and the communities in which we operate;

  • to promote knowledge sharing and application of best practice;

  • to encourage a culture of environmental awareness and safety.

The projects presented often become best practices and the people involved become ambassadors of sustainability, creating new opportunities for dialogue on such issues.

FCA EHS Leadership Awards, WCM Plant 

The jury—consisting of international WCM auditors—decides whether the projects meet a series of criteria as dictated by World Class Manufacturing strategies.

The competition is broken down into two rounds. The first round is conducted by business unit and operating region. Finalists from the first round then advance to the second round and compete for the prestigious Global Award.

FCA strongly believes in the ideas of its people and gives them the chance to see those ideas developed. As proof of the involvement of our people in this program, in 2015 alone 150 plants were involved in the competition. The jury had the chance to assess the best from more than 250 “sustainable” projects, which sought to reduce energy consumption, to safeguard the environment, and to make the workplace ever safer.

2015 Environment, Health and Safety Leadership Awards Ceremony

Awarded the best six projects worldwide and the best seven within EMEA.

February 2016

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