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Learning About Sustainability through a Virtual Community

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  • Learning About Sustainability through a Virtual Community

With more than 235,000 employees worldwide, FCA is always looking for innovative ways to engage and train our employees to help them develop their potential. We recently launched a new approach to learning in a virtual “city” full of learning opportunities and digital materials available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In this environment, our employees can explore a “Boulevard” dedicated to Sustainability, the first space to open its doors in the FCA Learning City.

The "citizens” of the Sustainability Boulevard can independently decide their own learning path, testing their knowledge on sustainability through participation in a competitive game played against their colleagues. This approach encourages the development of “agile learners,” i.e., employees personally responsible for their own professional growth.

Based on logic borrowed from social networks, they can also share their opinion with the community of learners on the topics covered, each in their own language. Employees around the world become an active part of this community, regardless of language or cultural differences.

Great way to train and engage people on sustainability!

Jeniffer - FCA Product Development, Brazil

Gives us awareness & accountability

Marella - FCA Engineering, India

This is a great way to learn and makes it fun

Rodney - COMAU Automation Systems Platform, Mexico

Excellent idea, for the future of our planet. Big support to the sustainability.

Ciro - FCA Powertrain Engineering, Italy

Virtual Community, JenniferVirtual Community, MarellaVirtual Community, RodneyVirtual Community, Ciro

This innovative training was created to increase awareness among FCA employees of the Group's practices and commitments to sustainability. Through the game, employees discover how sustainability is at the center of everything we do at FCA and recognize that everyone plays a role. Using examples drawn from typical FCA work situations, employees learn how sustainability cuts across all company functions and that it should be understood, practiced and shared, both inside the Company, as well as in our personal lives and interactions with others.

At FCA, we invest in the professional growth of our people and are committed to implementing innovative and cutting-edge training tools and processes. The learning agility approach has transformed our training model, contributing to the development of a global and shared corporate culture. Individual responsibility and collaboration is a fundamental condition for our continued pursuit of excellence.

Infographic: +10K explored the Sustainability boulevard; +300 posted comments about their experience in the learning community.

This story highlights concrete evidence of FCA’s sustainability commitment and its alignment with the principles of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Sustainability Goals: 4 - Quality Education; 9 - Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure; 13 - Climate Action​​​​

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