New Fiat 500X

New Fiat 500X: A Taste of Tomorrow. Today.

  • New Fiat 500X: A Taste of Tomorrow. Today.

Fiat presents new design, technology and powertrains for its crossover

Mole Antonelliana New 500X

September 3, 2018 – The new 500X – packed with personality, new engine options, enhanced content and connectivity, and even greater comfort – was recently presented to the media in Turin, Italy against the stunning backdrop of the Museum of Cinema housed in the landmark Mole Antonelliana. The venue underscored the brand’s close ties to the world of cinema and one of the highlights of the presentation was the screening of the film short entitled “Fiat 500X: A Taste of Tomorrow. Today.” and inspired by the cult classic “Back to the Future” *.

In the film, a young couple in the 1960s is driving along in a Fiat 600 which is suddenly hit by lightning. They disappear in a trail of fire and reappear in 2018 in the new Fiat 500X. As they continue to drive, they discover the incredible features of their new car, as well as a thing or two about their own future, before being transported back to the 1960s, where they encounter a policeman directing traffic who has a very familiar face. It is Christopher Lloyd, who played “Doc” in the 1985 film by Robert Zemeckis.

200 or so journalists also had the pleasure of discovering the new 500X during a test drive from Piazza Carlo Emanuele II, in the heart of the city, up to the Colle della Maddalena in the nearby hills and back down again to the Royal Palace in Stupinigi. This 60-kilometer (37-mile) route along city streets, highways, and winding hillside roads gave the Fiat crossover — leader in its segment in Italy and one of the top five in its segment in Europe since 2016 — the ideal opportunity to show off its best features.

A true star exudes personality

The 500X is now even more “magnetic” with its new light clusters, including daytime running lights and LED tail lamps as standard. Also available as an optional extra are full-LED headlights, designed in collaboration with Magneti Marelli, which provide 20% greater illumination, compared with the xenon lights offered on the previous model, while reducing eye fatigue and enlarging the field of illumination.
The look of the car has also been updated, and the range has been completely renewed with the offer of two body types and three trim levels: Urban, designed to give a bit more excitement than the standard family car; City Cross, an “escape” from the day-to-day traffic grind; and Cross, the top-of-the-line designed for off-road adventures all year round. The front and back bumpers have been redesigned for the Urban edition, as have the skid plates of the Cross and City Cross versions. Some of the greatest changes inside the vehicle include the instrument panel, which features greater readability in its graphics, and an ergonomic steering wheel with Techno-leather finish for perfect grip.

Fun to drive

Beyond its beauty and robustness, the new Fiat 500X is also fun to drive. During the test drive, it demonstrated excellent responsiveness, handling and comfort in all conditions. The range also features the innovative, fuel-efficient Firefly Turbo engine family, another technological first for the Group. Similar to their namesake, the new Firefly engines are the most compact, cleanest propulsion system currently available in a Fiat. They offer up to a 20% reduction in fuel consumption compared to existing gasoline engines and are up to 20% quieter than their turbo-diesel counterparts. Made entirely of lightweight aluminum alloy, they incorporate some of the Group’s most sophisticated technologies, including: the MultiAir III system, which increases combustion efficiency through constant regulation of the air intake valves; direct injection; four valves per cylinder; and supercharging. Equipped with gasoline particulate filters (GPFs), they also conform to Euro 6D emissions standards.
The new 500X is available in a 120 hp, 1.0-liter, 3-cylinder version with six-speed manual transmission and a 150 hp, 1.3-liter, 4-cylinder version with six-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission. The gasoline engine options also include the 110 hp 1.6-liter E-Torq with manual transmission, updated to comply with Euro 6D emissions standards. Also available are three MultiJet II turbo-diesel engines — a 95 hp, 1.3-liter, a 120 hp, 1.6-liter and a 150 hp 2.0-liter — all equipped with SCR technology and compliant with Euro 6D emissions standards.

Best-in-class technology

It doesn’t take long at the wheel of the new 500X to appreciate the new driver-assist systems that come as standard in all versions. The Traffic Sign Recognition system working in conjunction with the Speed Advisor, for example, means that vehicle speed can be adjusted to the posted limit with just one click to avoid speeding tickets. Another example is Lane Assist, which automatically keeps the car in its lane when driving on the freeway. Connectivity is now even more advanced and easier to use, thanks to compatability with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and the Uconnect system’s 7” HD LIVE touchscreen display which becomes a virtual extension of your smartphone. The new 500X will satisfy even the most avid users who follow the latest trends and want to be always connected. Also available on request is Mopar® Connect, which provides a combination of vehicle-control and assistance services in a mobile app for greater peace of mind on the road.

*Back to the Future is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios and U-Drive Joint Venture. Licensed by Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved.

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