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A Future To Be Written

  • A Future To Be Written

The future belongs to children: it is constantly being written and presents so many possibilities. Children dream of doing great things and a quality education can help them achieve their dreams by teaching them that they are capable of anything. If they dream of becoming an astronaut or a dancer, they have the right to fulfill these ambitions. For more than three years, FCA has been committed to nourishing the aspirations of schoolchildren in Brazil.

Studies conducted in collaboration with various nonprofit organizations in Brazil have confirmed the importance of teacher training to a quality educational system.

As a result of these findings, FCA launched the Rota do Saber program. This project aims to improve public education in schools by creating a network of collaboration between private companies and local governments.

Rota do Saber, school children group

Rota do Saber seeks to inspire and prepare teachers to guide children on a path of individual and interrelationship discovery. Teachers receive support to implement a learning assessment system, develop school reinforcement programs and foster more participatory management in schools. Parents, too, are involved in the project, playing a key role in the education of their children. The program, managed in partnership with local authorities, aim to increase the quality of teaching and the skills of students are designed to progressively reduce the number of those who leave school before completing their studies – an occurrence that is still widespread in Brazil.

The results of this program confirm the strength of the Rota do Saber initiative. In Igarassu - the first Brazilian city where the program was launched - the basic education index (Índice de Desenvolvimento da Educação Básica, or IDEB) of elementary schools grew by 25% in two years. This result is in line with the target set by the Brazilian government that by 2021, aims to achieve a basic education index in line with Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) countries, including the United States, Canada, Italy and Sweden.

In 2017, Rota do Saber was extended to the cities of Goiana, Paulista, Itambé, Alhandra and Caaporã, located in the areas around the FCA plant in Pernambuco.

Rota do Saber, school children group

FCA works to build strong relationships and partnerships with nonprofit organizations and community, academic and local leaders. Engagement with these stakeholders is essential to understanding where FCA can best apply our resources, with the aim of contributing to the development of the communities in which we operate.

In alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, our commitment for future generations is reflected in initiatives such as Rota do Saber and many others launched in countries around the world. In 2017, educational initiatives represented roughly 40% of the approximately €25.6 million FCA committed to benefit local communities.

This story highlights concrete evidence of FCA’s sustainability commitment and our alignment with the principles of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the following Sustainable Development Goals:

Sustainability Goals: 4 - Quality Education; 10 - Reduced Inequalities; 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities

June 2018
Figures at 31 December 2017

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