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Water is a highly precious resource. For everyone.

  • Water is a highly precious resource. For everyone.

March 22: World Water Day

Water for all - Leaving no one behind: this is the theme selected by the United Nations for World Water Day 2019. A strong message that is an adaptation of the central promise of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
FCA embraces and celebrates World Water Day and renews our commitment to promoting the responsible use of this precious resource.

At FCA we work to responsibly manage our entire water cycle, from water withdrawal, responsible use and recycling to treatment and discharge. To reduce the risk of water scarcity we have focused particularly on the adoption of technologies and procedures to increase recycling and reuse of water.

water consumption in 2018
vs 2010 at Group plants
2.3 billion
m3 water saved in 2018
recycling water index

We are proud to highlight some of our recent water-related initiatives:

FCA in India: Net Water Positive plant

World Water Day - India Plant

In India, water scarcity is a critical issue facing communities and the resident population.

Fiat India Automobiles (FIAPL) recognizes this challenge, and has focused our efforts primarily on water conservation and rain water harvesting projects both at our facilities and in the broader community. We have decreased water consumption in manufacturing and other activities by adopting the 5-R principles: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Recover.

Our rain water harvesting program has included projects in water deficient areas near our plant in Ranjangaon in the State of Maharashtra, where the impact of this program is clearly visible. Our water conservation programs have resulted in:

  • an increase in the ground water table

  • an increase in the area under irrigation

  • a reduction in the dependence on water supply from tankers during the summer months

  • increased awareness among the communities of water conservation and sustainable water management.

As a clear sign of the success of our efforts, the FIAPL plant has achieved “net water positive” status. This means that FCA is harvesting more water than is being used, by optimizing consumption, recycling as much as possible, and capturing rainwater - thus delivering water back into the community.

2019 World Water Day - Cassino

FCA in Italy: zero water Cassino Plant

The Cassino plant, which produces the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio, is a model of efficiency, advanced technology, and sustainability.

Eco-sustainability is one of the areas of excellence at the Cassino plant. In addition to continuous improvements in industrial process efficiency, the plant has implemented a range of initiatives to minimize the residual impact of these processes on the environment.

Through on-site rainwater harvesting in a 50,000 m3 artificial lake, together with the adoption of innovative technologies in the paint shop and other areas, the plant doesn’t need to withdraw water from local resources.

In the paint shop, traditionally the most water and energy intensive area in automotive assembly, the most significant innovation is the new dryscrubbing system. It replaces the traditional water-based method of recovering primer overspray without the use of chemicals, additives or water. Cassino was the first car assembly plant in the world to use this technology.

FCA in Brazil: primerless paint shop at Goiana plant

2019 World Water Day - Brazil

At the FCA Goiana plant, in the State of Pernambuco, the paint process was enhanced through the introduction of “primerless” technology. This process ensures the quality and durability of the paint, while at the same time reducing water and energy consumption and decreasing the environmental impact.

This initiative, as well as an innovative water filtration treatment system, are some of the projects that allowed the Goiana plant to win the National Water Agency Award (ANA). The ANA Award, sponsored by the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment, recognized the best initiatives that contributed to the management and sustainable use of water resources in Brazil. FCA won in the “Medium and Large Enterprises” category, for our combined actions towards efficient use of water in our manufacturing operations.

Our FCA Environmental Guidelines explicitly state that responsibility for protecting the environment rests with everyone in the Company.

This story highlights concrete evidence of FCA’s sustainability commitment and our alignment with the principles of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goal:

Sustainability Goals: 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation; 9 - Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure; 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities; 12 - Responsible Consuption and Production

March 2019

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