New Fiat 500 Full Electric 3+1

New 500: The 3+1 Completes the Range

  • New 500: The 3+1 Completes the Range

With the New 500 line-up now complete, Fiat’s first full-electric range is set to revolutionize mobility

New 500 Full Electric 3+1

November 24, 2020 - Audrey Hepburn and the Vespa. The stylized figures of Keith Haring and the iPod. The IBM personal computer and Dalí’s melting clocks. People, objects and works of art that have become timeless icons. It is almost impossible to imagine them being any more perfect. And yet, with the new generation of the 500, Fiat has done exactly that.

The latest evolution of this icon of Italian style and La Dolce Vita, and FCA’s first full-electric vehicle, comes in three eye-catching versions: cabrio, hatchback, and now the 3+1, the 500 with double doors on the passenger side.

With the “Welcome back, future” slogan, the New 500 pays tribute to the model that symbolized Italy’s post-war economic miracle and also looks to the future ‘revolution’ that the 500, with its innate charisma, can bring to mobility: more versatile, more sophisticated, more connected and, above all, totally green.

The Mirafiori complex in Turin, where the first 500 began production in 1957, has been completely transformed for production of the New 500.

Simply Magical

The underlying objective of the 3+1 design was to deliver the same unmistakable style as the cabrio and hatchback versions, but with unparalleled accessibility. With the addition of a small rear door on the passenger side, this unique design gives easier access to the back seat area for passengers, for parents putting children into their car seats, or for loading and unloading shopping or luggage.

This “magic” rear-hinged door opens to a nearly 90-degree angle only when the front door is open, ensuring the utmost safety for passengers in the back seat. A tribute to the rear-hinged doors of the first 500, it has been reinterpreted to meet the evolving needs of customers. In fact, the entire New 500 range is the result of a perfect dialogue between past and future.

Designed to Be Electric

In all its versions — cabrio, hatchback and 3+1 — Fiat’s first full-electric vehicle is the embodiment of Italian style, a compelling blend of tradition and innovation, of craftsmanship and advanced technology.

The rounded “eyes” of the car’s “face” serve as a counterpoint to the clean, modern lines of its body, lending the 500 its strong, solid character. Inside, this interplay continues with the circular instrument panel and two-spoke steering wheel, while the interior space has been completely redesigned to be roomier and more comfortable as have the technological components and range of services available on the New 500.

Fiat’s challenge was not only to “convert” as many customers as possible to electric vehicles, but also to make zero-emission driving so simple, enjoyable and beautiful that they would have no reason to go back to traditional propulsion. This is why the entire car was redesigned around the powertrain.

Although the New 500 has maintained the aesthetic identity of previous generations, everything beneath the surface is new. The car was designed from scratch to be electric. One example is the choice to position a single battery pack in the underbody between the axles. This has the dual benefit of maintaining the car’s cabin size and cargo space, while optimizing the dynamic response of this full-electric vehicle, which is currently the best in its category.

The result is an agile car that is fun to drive, quiet, comfortable…and always connected. Suited to city driving and as easy to use as a smartphone, this compact car has the range of a larger electric car and Level 2 automation — the first in its segment. And all of this with zero emissions.

The New 500 is available in three trim levels — ACTION (entry-level), PASSION (mid-range) and ICON (high-end) — each with a specific mission and featuring best-in-class technology, connectivity and safety.

New Fiat 500 Full Electric - Interiors

The 500 ACTION is for those who live life in the city to the fullest and are cost-conscious. With a range of over 180 km, it’s perfect for short trips around town and for millennials who prefer alternative forms of mobility such as car sharing. It comes equipped with all the advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) needed for city driving, as well as an infotainment system developed for those who always want to be connected.

PASSION is designed for those who like having the latest toys. It offers the best in electric-vehicle technology and the latest generation of connectivity. It has a range of 320 km, which increases to 450 km in urban settings, and comes with 85kW fast charging, so it can recharge up to 80% in just 35 minutes.

Finally, ICON is the top of the line in style, materials and technology. Just take a look at its infotainment system with 10.25-inch “cinerama” touchscreen, navigation system, and Uconnect 5 interface.

The Cradle of the Future

Pride and enthusiasm are the two words that best describe the spirit displayed by everyone at the Mirafiori complex in facing the challenge of designing and engineering the Group’s first full-electric vehicle, while replicating the incredible success of the original 500 was an enormous responsibility.

Augmented reality was used to design ergonomic workstations for workers, who are also guided throughout the assembly process by monitors that enable interaction with equipment and help ensure product quality. All areas, including those which are highly automated, have also been designed to provide maximum flexibility in production.

With the production of the New 500, Mirafiori has also implemented a greener painting process, including the use of water-based paints that give a unique iridescent effect to the color while being eco-friendly. Other innovations include new spaces dedicated to logistics and the installation of solar power production units which will generate renewable energy to charge the vehicles produced on site as well as further contributing to the plant achieving energy self-sufficiency. The arrival of the New 500 has also brought other changes related to electrification, such as the innovative Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) pilot project and the Battery Hub assembly center.

The Mirafiori complex consists of two million square meters of surface area, nearly 12 kilometers of underground roads and more than 20 kilometers of transport systems. The complex is part of the Turin Manufacturing Hub, FCA’s largest manufacturing hub globally and one of the largest in the automotive sector in Europe. It is the workplace for some 20,000 people, including production workers, engineers, designers, as well as people working in sales, financial services, and parts, distributed across the Motor Village, the FCA Design Center, the head offices of Abarth, and the Heritage Hub.

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