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Sustainability Leadership

FCA is committed to building and maintaining an ongoing dialogue with external parties who analyze environmental, social and corporate governance criteria as an indicator of a company’s ability to generate long-term competitive financial returns and positive social impacts.

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FCA’s efforts to address climate change earned a CDP score of A-, higher than the sector average (B). Our water stewardship disclosure earned a score of B, in line with the sector average. These scores were published on the CDP website at the beginning of 2020, and are based on analysis of FCA’s 2018 performance. CDP provides an independent assessment of an organization’s approach and performance.

In addition, during 2019 FCA was ranked in the Refinitiv Diversity & Inclusion Index in the global “Top 25 Most Diverse & Inclusive Companies.” The index lists the most successful companies in promoting and leveraging diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

FCA is also a member of other major sustainability indexes, including STOXX® Global ESG Impact, ECPI World ESG Equity, and ECPI Euro Ethical Equity.​

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