Fiat Professional presents the first Van Sharing project for the reconstruction of the earthquake-affected areas

  • The “Fiat Pro ricostruzione. Insieme per ricominciare" fleet to aid the earthquake-hit communities is handed over at Amatrice.

  • 10 Fiat Professional vehicles – Fullback, Talento and Ducato – will be available to give free assistance to tradesmen and small businesses.

  • The new project joins the other FCA programmes already launched in recent months.

Through its Fiat Professional brand, in cooperation with the Lazio Regional Council, the Italian Civil Protection Department and the Lazio Special Reconstruction Department, and with the all-important partnership of Morini Rent, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is assisting the communities hit by the earthquake in central Italy with the “Fiat Pro ricostruzione. Insieme per ricominciare” [Fiat Pro Reconstruction - Together for a Fresh Start"] project, which makes a fleet of vehicles available to offer genuine help to those who need it and make a real contribution to rebuilding the economic fabric of the earthquake-affected zones.

The project was presented today at Amatrice (Rieti) by Domenico Gostoli, EMEA Manager of the Fiat Professional brand, who - in the presence of Lazio Regional Councillor for Infrastructure, Housing Polices and Local Authorities, Fabio Refrigeri, the Mayor of Amatrice, Sergio Pirozzi, the Director of the Lazio Special Department for Reconstruction, Stefano Fermante and Fabio Bigo, CEO of MORINI S.P.A - ha consigned a fleet of ten Fiat Professional vehicles to the communities, businesses and companies to launch the economic, social and cultural recovery of the zones hit by the earthquake. The fleet (comprising three Fullback pickups, six Talento vehicles and a Ducato) will be available for use free of charge by small businesses, tradesmen, schools, sports clubs and everyone involved in reconstruction projects. This form of van sharing is a new concept for the use of commercial vehicles.

By stepping in with a targeted aid project, Fiat Professional further demonstrates that the FCA commercial vehicle brand is made up of professionals, always ready to serve professional users with genuine solutions when assistance is required, thanks to both the professionalism and passion of everyone working for Fiat Professional, and the brand's wide, complete range, covering all transport needs, with vehicles designed to provide excellent fuel economy and low running costs, for the highest returns.

Under the “Fiat Pro ricostruzione. Insieme per ricominciare” project, people and organisations in the affected areas will be able to use the most suitable vehicle from the Fiat Professional fleet for a day. Every member of the community will be able to benefit from the service twice every seven days. The vehicles allocated for this innovative van sharing service can already be booked by calling free-phone number 800.800.008, for collection from Piazza del Donatore at Amatrice, where a specific temporary area will be created, with all the vehicles available on display and a shipping container office where members of the public will find staff available for information and bookings at all times.

Morini Rent, the well-known Italian commercial vehicle rental firm, is the operating partner for this special project, thus renewing its link to the Fiat Professional brand.

Morini Rent, with an active fleet of more than 2,500 vehicles, has been the benchmark for commercial vehicle hire for almost 70 years: the group provides a reliable, speedy short and medium term rental service, thanks to the know-how of skilled professionals and the network of 40 Morini Points right across Italy.

Specifically, the vehicles available are a long-wheelbase Ducato Van, four Talento Vans, two Talento Combis, one extended cab Fullback pickup and two Fullback Double Cab pickups. Advisers will also be on hand to assist users in the choice of the best model for their needs. Fullback and Talento are the latest additions to the Fiat Professional range, a pickup and a new functional vehicle which will be working alongside the Ducato, the best-seller that recently celebrated 35 years of success. 

"Fiat Pro ricostruzione. Insieme per ricominciare” is a major act, not just of social solidarity but also of service and community reinforcement, that confirms FCA's commitment to extending humanitarian, technical and financial support to people in difficulty. The scheme joins other projects already launched in recent months, such as fund-raising through the Italian Red Cross, the suspension of instalment and charge payments on all loan, leasing and hire purchase contracts signed by residents in the earthquake-affected areas, a solidarity programme created with FCA Bank for all those whose cars have been damaged or destroyed in the areas concerned, and the discount of up to 1,500 Euro offered by Mopar to local residents on the parts used for the repair of earthquake-damaged vehicles.

Turin, 21 April 2017

  • Fiat Professional presents the first Van Sharing project for the reconstruction of the earthquake-affected areas