​​Building a better tomorrow​

FCA aims to create value through our relationships and connections with customers, employees, dealers, suppliers and communities, among others. We recognize that our environmental and social activities affect not only our aspiration to grow the business but also our commitment to positively affect our world. The commitment to sustainability arises from a corporate culture that includes integrity, respect for others and a commitment to community service. In order to implement meaningful sustainability practices and optimize the management of sustainability aspects within the Company, FCA involves all areas, functions and levels of employees, from the top of the management chain to workers in plants and offices around the world. The Group also actively promotes environmental and social responsibility among our many suppliers.

Room with phrases about sustainability and environmental responsibility  

FCA conducts periodically an analysis of sustainability-related topics which may be considered material to the Company. These topics include the most important factors that relate to, and have an impact on, FCA’s ability to create long-term value for our stakeholders.
This analysis combines and involves consideration of input from stakeholder engagement, the FCA business plan, key global risks, corporate values, industry trends, information of interest for investors, and societal standards and expectations.
All topics listed in the Materiality Diagram, presented below, are important with those found in the upper-right corner being of higher relative importance and impact to both FCA and our stakeholders.