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For employees

​​​​​​​People make the difference.

Our employees are called every day to tackle and adapt to continuous production and market challenges.​ The regionalization of our business is a part of all this. It is a pathway that provides all employees with tremendous opportunities for career development and cultural exchange on a global scale.



​​​​​​​​​Our people are our strength.​



​​​​​Engaged and accountable employees are crucial to achieving ambitious goals.

We make every effort to engage and value our people through career development paths to bring out their talent.​ Human resource management and assessment rests on five key principles:
- merit must always be recognized and employed 
- leadership is a worthy calling which enhances prople’s lives
- taking on the competition is the stimulus for aiming even higher
- best-in-class performance is the goal we want to achieve
keeping our promises is what makes us credible and reliable

We invest in ideas, projects, and above all in people to consolidate our leadership.

We allow every employee to make the most of their skills;​ we recognize merit and facilitate the sharing of knowledge. We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities when assigning key roles within the company. Training totaling €61 million in investment in 2015 and the Performance and Leadership Management (PLM) process, play a crucial role. The PLM is a system adopted worldwide to assess employees and guide them in achieving results and developing behaviors by setting specific objectives. In 2015, performance and leadership mapping was carried out for around 62,400 employees, including all managers and professionals, and the vast majority of salaried employees.



​​​​​Diversity in all its facets is a value for our corporate culture.

We firmly believe that sharing different views can lead to strongly innovative ideas ​that contribute to increasing our competitiveness and ability to fully meet the needs of all customers. With this in mind, we promote a work environment in which all employees are respected and valued, and can have a stimulating professional experience in keeping with their expectations. The implementation of FCA Code of Conduct and of specific guidelines ensures that the same corporate standards are applied throughout the world.

​​​​​​​​​​We encourage employees at all levels and in every organizational function to make their contribution and to be engaged in the improvement of corporate processes. ​In 2012, for instance, iPropose was launched in EMEA. It is a program designed to encourage employees to suggest solutions that can increase the competitiveness of our products and processes, and at the same time allow achieving cost reductions. In 2015, the program facilitated the collection of 3,800 improvement proposal.



​​​​​Workplace safety and employee health constitute a fundamental commitment in every community and country in which we operate.

For this reason, we take a comprehensive approach:​
- adopting common and standard procedures to identify and assess risk
- meeting the highest safety and ergonomics standards in the design of systems and machinery
- promoting safe behaviors through training and awareness campaigns
- ensuring a healthy work environment and encouraging healthy lifestyles
- applying Health and Safety Guidelines that establish FCA’s policies of commitment in every business area.

​​​​​​There are several programs promoting the mental and physical health and well-being of employees and their families.

In 2015, the development and dissemination of the WELL initiative continued​, designed to promote healthy lifestyles and to prevent cardiovascular disease. A specific Internet website provides useful information and advice on many issues, such as food education, smoking cessation, prevention of cardiovascular diseases and informed use of drugs.