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​​​Cassino, Italy A World Class Sustainable Plant

The harmonious interaction between people, technology, innovation and the Environment all contribute to making the Cassino assembly plant a model of world-class excellence.

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  • Creatively Reusing Waste Materials

  • A World Class Sustainable Plant

  • Nature is Energy

CIRCULAR ECONOMY: The Natural Approach to Sustainable Value



In recent decades, demands on the planet’s resources have increased to a level that now represents a significant threat to our environment. Our economy is also highly dependent on our ability to manage these finite resources. As such, the transition to a circular economy – and away from the traditional “take-make-dispose” or “linear” economy – is vital to a sustainable future.

In a circular economy, products are designed for an extended life with components and materials that can be recovered or recycled – continuously. This offers significant benefits not only for the environment, but also for the sustainability of the economy.


FCA is contributing daily to this transition. One example is the over three tons of fabric and seat belt remnants that FCA donates to Cooperárvore in Betim, Brazil every year. The cooperative uses these remnants to make fashion accessories and other items. Over the past 10 years, Cooperárvore has contributed to improving the quality of life of more than 70 households in the area surrounding FCA’s Betim Assembly Plant.



FCA’s commitment to the Environment and development of innovative solutions for the reuse of industrial waste are an essential part of its sustainability principles.



FCA Insights

Global Materials Labs

Innovating with Materials: Plastics

At FCA’s Global Materials Labs, researchers are continuously studying new formulas for plastics that will improve the safety, performance, look and comfort of our cars… and are also eco-compatible.

Global Materials Labs

Innovating with Materials: Metals

FCA’s Global Materials Labs face the continuous challenge of finding lighter, stronger materials that deform upon impact.

Additive Manufacturing

Manufacturing Ideas in 3D

The Prototype department at FCA’s Product Development center of excellence in Turin used Additive Manufacturing technology to create the grille for the new Alfa Romeo Giulia – a project developed in collaboration with the FCA Style Center.

2015 Annual Report & Sustainability Report

Another Year of Firsts

Expo Milano 2015

Expo is over but the journey continues for FCA

184 days, FCA inside and outside Expo.


Jeep at the Super Bowl with two spots commemorating its 75th anniversary

The FCA Experience in Brazil

Caring for People and the Environment

A range of initiatives to protect biodiversity and invest in people.​​​

World Environment Day

Green Day for FCA

FCA celebrates its commitment to protecting and conserving the Planet’s natural resources.​​​

Pernambuco, Brazil

A world-class automotive facility producing for the global market

​A strategic investment that forms part of a comprehensive program to support economic and social development across the region.​​​​​

Committed to Sustainability

Expo Milano 2015 in partnership with FCA

​​​​FCA’s role as Official Global Partner of EXPO 2015 is another tangible sign of its commitment to a responsible business model and innovative, eco-sustainable products.​

Innovating with Materials: PlasticsInnovating with Materials: MetalsManufacturing Ideas in 3DFCA 2015 Annual Report & Sustainability ReportExpo is over but the journey continues for FCAJeep at the Super Bowl with two spots commemorating its 75th anniversary


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