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JeepⓇ creates jungle amid São Paulo's concrete​

Commanded by instructors who love off-road, the Arena JeepⓇ provides 6,000 m² of space for Jeep aficionados to create their own adventures

February 19, 2019 - Making a customer's dream come true is not something so unusual. And what about when this dream is shared with an entire megalopolis like São Paulo? That's exactly what JeepⓇ did with the creation of the Jeep Arena, a space designed by an off-road enthusiast so fans of off-road adventures could have fun and feel the "muddy" potential of the SUVs Renegade and Compass. It was especially created for fans who, in a concrete jungle like São Paulo's capital, are more accustomed to driving on the asphalt.

Built in the southern SP, in an area of 6 thousand m², the Jeep Arena promises to gather until February 24 more than 5 thousand people – among them Jeep owners, admirers and customers of other manufacturers – to perform 800 test drives with versions of the 4x2 and 4x4 of the two best-selling SUVs in Brazil, according to January's dealers' association data, Fenabrave. The inauguration took place last Friday (15).

At the site, drivers can do two laps on a 1.8-kilometer circuit and face traditional off-road obstacles such as a giant speed bumps, potholes and side-tilts; always alongside one of seven ambassador instructors, with ample training and extensive adventure experiences with Jeep models, such as Andrea Molina, 41, a business administrator and a jeep fan from the time she learned how to drive, who designed the event.

"My dad taught me how to drive a Jeep Willys", says Andrea, who now owns of a Compass Trailhawk – nicknamed "Olive" because of the matte green wrap around the body. "And I didn't learn on the asphalt! It was going through trails, which I love to this day", she says. "When I saw a few months ago the area where the event was being held, I immediately decided to put my car through the mud and it was then that I decided to share that idea with Jeep. The brand not only liked it, but did it all for the nation of 'jeep aficionados', in a way that brings off-road excitement to a city full of buildings like Sao Paulo".

For the publicist Lucas Guerreiro, 21, responsible for building the Jeep Arena, the choice of women for the role of instructors could not have been more accurate, after all, "52% of the brand's current clients are woman". "In addition, this environment allows us to convey the 4x4 experience that every Jeep owner deserves and which, unfortunately, we cannot explore as much as we would like in the urban area," points out Guerreiro.

Since 2015, when Jeep began selling the Renegade in Brazil, Andrea has had five cars of the brand. It's an affirmation that no other manufacturer could be able to promote an event as good as the Jeep Arena. "The off-road spirit is in the DNA of the brand which gains more strength with the safe feeling that vehicles transmit to the driver and its occupants", she says. "I totally trust my car and I'm not afraid to go through obstacles", says our "jeep aficionado", who is already preparing to have another Jeep in her garage. "The Compass Trailhawk is my companion out on the road and the Renegade Willys [limited SUV series, soon to be released in Brazil] will be for my everyday use".

Highlights of the São Paulo Motor Show from last November are exhibited at the Jeep Arena, as the new generation of Wrangler, a true icon of the brand, and the Compass S (special series soon to be released and based on the Limited Diesel 4x4 version with great content of autonomous technology). "Having them here is another way to win new customers to an ever stronger Jeep nation", says Guerreiro. Although it's an event lasting only a few days, instructor Andrea believes that the Jeep Arena is efficiently fulfilling the role of "transmitting the Jeep spirit to São Paulo". "Putting a car on the ground brings me great memories of moments with my father and friends. I want people to feel happy being off-road with these cars while following their own adventures on new roads".

Words: Leandro Alvares

Pictures: Marketing

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