Fiat Argo

​Welcome, 100,000th Fiat Argo!

Launched less than two years ago, the hatch is a success among the public and has proven prestige in the market

April 5, 2019 - Every good story is made up of benchmarks. When it comes to the history of a car, one of the most significant moments of its journey is the achievement of ambitious sales goals, enshrining its success within the public. The Fiat Argo, hatch launched in 2017, is celebrating one of these great achievements: 100,000 units shipped in less than two years in the market.

In its first year, 27,925 units were commercialized. In 2018, Argo recorded 63,017 new purchases and ended the cycle as the eighth best selling automobile in the market. As of February 2019, Argo is among the top five record selling cars in Brazil. It was then that Gerson Mendes Rocha, buyer of the first Fiat Argo in the world, acquired nothing less than his 5th Argo. And, well, he does not seem willing to stop there.

Customer with Argo vehicle

"I'm going to buy more", he says. "The Argo put together something very rare in a car made in Brazil: it is versatile and comfortable without guzzling much". Rocha doesn't hide that it was love at first sight. "I loved the car as soon as I got into it, there at the launch." Not for nothing, all the cars he purchased are red, the color of love. Those who live with Gerson also became fond of the compact and were eager to take one home. "Father, mother, wife, father-in-law...", the gaucho lists amusedly. "My father preferred white and, my father-in-law, black".

Rocha, who works with visual communication, is the son of a mechanic and inherited technical knowledge to evaluate a car, which made him more demanding in his choices. And he won´t give up any of the Fiat cars. "I learned to drive in a yellow Fiat 147", he says, adding that he is now part of the group Fiat 147 Brasil, a club for fans of the first Fiat launched on Brazilian soil.

Gerson also remembers fondly that in 1994, when he got his Driver's License, he was driving an Uno Mille, a gift from his mother. "I find it to be a nice little car for everyday errands in the city. I would love to see an updated version for this little one". Doing the math, he's impressed: "The Argo Drive which I bought a few days ago is my 17th Fiat car!" Models like the Palio Fire, Fiat Strada, Grand Siena and Palio Attractive have already had their turn in this big fan's garage and who considers the cars of the brand to be of excellent quality and low maintenance cost.

Customers with Argo vehicle

Someone who also developed an affection to the Argo is the material management analyst Flávia Faria, who has been working at the Fiat Automotive Plant in Betim (Brazil) almost four years ago. She bought her hatch in 2017, following her tradition of only having Fiat vehicles. "I like its robustness the performance tests", she says, noting that "the promise of being economical was also what made it attractive". The analyst is proud to have a model in her garage that she even indirectly helped build — her daily life involves ensuring that parts of the car are precise on the assembly line: "It's good to know that I have somehow helped create a car that I consider to be very good and I always recommend it". Going on the highway at least once a month, she points out that the compact is very comfortable, stable and economical". Once I went from Belo Horizonte to Ouro Preto (cities separated by a distance of about 100 km) and managed to make 17 Km/L with gasoline. I thought it was incredible!"

Gerson and Flavia have created strong bonds with their cars, but there are those who make less emotional and rational choices. This is the case of business administrator Ismael Miranda Furtado, who has always had a more practical relationship with automobiles. He made the purchase, about four months ago, considering price, design and technology. "Uconnect was undoubtedly the most appealing feature for me", he says. He's referring to Fiat's multimedia system, launched on the Fiat Argo and later installed on other models, which offers a wide range of communication, navigation, entertainment and connected services such as Apple Car Play and Android Auto. The technology is recognized internationally for easy use with good amount of resources.

"The external design of the car is very modern and attracts attention", says the administrator. On a daily basis, Ismae's Argo is used for short journeys (he lives close to his job), so the highlight is for when he is on the road, where the model has great gas mileage. It's an advantage for him when taking on winding roads far from the cities. "I love driving! Whenever I have the opportunity to travel by car, I am the first among my friends to volunteer to be the driver".

Developed in Brazil, Fiat Argo was the vehicle that gained the most comparatives and established itself as one of the most awarded on the year of its launch, when it conquered important titles such as "Best Buy up to R$ 50 thousand" from Quatro Rodas magazine. May there be 100,000 more to come!

Words: Bárbara Caldeira

Pictures: Marketing

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