The class of the first "Tree of Life (Árvore da Vida) group – Professional Training"

​The first fruits reach the labor market

All the students of the first "Tree of Life (Árvore da Vida) group – Professional Training" project get their first job

November 9, 2018 - FCA resumed its "Tree of Life – Professional Training" project. Eighty vacancies were opened in Belo Horizonte (MG), São Paulo (SP), Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Salvador (BA), to qualify youngsters from 18 to 24 years of age who live in a situation of social vulnerability and to support them in their integration into the job market. The courses are carried out in partnership with Senai, Instituto Árvore da Oportunidade Social (IAV), Isvor (FCA's corporate university) and the Fiat and Jeep dealerships.

The first group formed was in Belo Horizonte, with 20 students. Free classes were held at the Horto do Senai unit throughout a 20-day period that gave the students 150 hours of human and technical training (in the automotive area). Besides age, another prerequisite to participate was to have completed a technical course at Senai.

"More than qualifying for the job market, FCA is committed to building lasting changes in the lives of these young people by providing a connection with their stories and our partners, the dealerships", says FCA Dealership Training Manager, Rogério Machado, who participated in the idealization of the project.

Along with their certificates for completing the course, students received work opportunities from the network of dealerships. They will start working as client assistants, with vehicle checkups and related activities. "We were fortunate to see 100% of the students in this first class being hired by the Fiat and Jeep dealerships. This was one of the main objectives: to guarantee employability", celebrates Rogério.

A technical training analyst at Isvor for the past five years and one of the instructors of the Belo Horizonte course, Filippo Mota graduated from the second class of the project in 2007. Today, he is an Electrical Engineer and has just been awarded the title of best technical training instructor of CNH Industrial in Latin America. "It was a great pleasure to participate again in the project, but as an instructor now. I was very motivated to do my best, just as the instructors who participated in my training helped me become the professional that I am today. "

According to Filippo, the course has a great relevance in the life of the students. "The project opens a door and creates a horizon of possibilities that allows the youngster to become a great professional, recognized in the market". For the dealership network, the gains are also significant. "We are professionals prepared and able to perform a work of excellence," concludes the instructor.

Some students

Responsible for the human training module of the course, IAV's social psychologist, Kênia Patricia Silva, accompanied the group during the training and will be advising them during the adaptation period in the dealerships. "Human education was aimed at contributing to the development of skills, the professional and behavioral skills of students, complementing the technical training they received from Isvor", she explains. In addition to the reflections based on transversal themes, classes also reinforced personal and social values, aiming at the growth of each student.

The only girl in the class, Bárbara Otávia da Cruz Antônio (photo), 21, praised the course after the graduation ceremony and said she wasn’t intimidated by the environment of 19 men, and is eager to get started. "I searched the automotive area out of curiosity and fell in love with it. I graduated in the technical course in Automotive Maintenance at Senai in 2016 and today I study Industrial Automation. The course at the Tree of Life was a wonderful opportunity in both the technical and the human areas. I have learned a lot and am prepared for the job market. Now I'm going to work and study at the same time. I want to do Mechanical Engineering", she plans.

Together with Barbara, Luiz Eduardo da Silva Borges (pictured below), age 19, was a speaker of his class. He excelled in the course, through weekly performance and participation ratings. "I gave it my best in the course", says the trainee. I am more than excited about the job offer, eager to show what I have learned. Working with what you like is very good, because we do it with pleasure."

A student receives an end-of-course certificate

The selection process was competitive and involved more than 300 people. Of the candidates who had completed the Senai Automotive Mechanics technical course and showed interest, IOS selected those who fit in situations of social vulnerability and were within the defined age range. They then went through psychosocial assessments and took a Portuguese and a Mathematics test before moving on to the next stages. "There were three stages, with interviews and dynamic activities," says Barbara.

"More than a course, the project gave light to people's lives, with the opportunity for better living. A new life for each one of us", adds Luiz.


The "Tree of Life – Professional Training" project began in 2006 in Betim (MG, Brazil), to benefit the community surrounding the Fiat Automotive Plant. Over the years, the project has grown to include 670 youngsters in Belo Horizonte (MG), Betim, São Paulo (SP), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Salvador (BA), Recife (RE) , Brasília (DF), Porto Alegre (RS) and Curitiba (PR), always in partnership with the Fiat Dealership Network. There were 33 groups, from different areas of the automotive sector. The degree of employability was 87%.

In 2017, the Tree of Life underwent major restructuring, to become an institute (IAV), a non-profit association composed and managed by members of the community itself. "It's in this new context that the 'Tree of Life – Professional Training' is being resumed, with the inclusion of the Fiat and Jeep dealerships", explains Luciana Costa, the FCA Sustainability coordinator for Latin America.

Words: Daniel Schneider

Pictures: Marketing

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