Fiat Fastback

​"It's fantastic where we are. And even more fantastic where we're headed"

New concept car from Fiat is presented at the São Paulo Motor Show. Check out each step of the birth of this unprecedented model

November 21, 2018 - One of Fiat's highlights at the São Paulo International Auto Show, which ended on the 18th, was the Fiat Fastback, a new concept car that anticipates the brand's vision for the future. It is the essence of Italian design made in Brazil, which is already recognized internationally.

The Fiat Fastback comes to delight those who see it and whet their curiosity. This is the eighth concept car from Fiat made in Brazil (at the Latam Design Center, located in the Fiat Automotive Plant in Betim, MG), and the first to be conceived under the four new principles of the brand's Design in Latin America: human, bold, contextual (flexible and contemporary) and seamless (coherent, fluid). These are the routes that indicate the future of Fiat in the region, including those for the UV segment (Utility Vehicles).

"A concept car is a playground for experimenting with new ideas, shapes and materials," explains Design Center Latam director Peter Fassbender. "You need to thrill, generate curiosity and interest, that feeling of wanting to get close. And we did it. It's fantastic where we are today. And even more fantastic where we are headed", he adds.

hand-drawn sketches of the Fiat Fastback

The birth of the Fiat Fastback began on paper, with hand-drawn sketches. Once we had the first defined lines, the next step was the 3D model on the computer. From the virtual to the real, the model took shape using clay, in the dimension 1:4 (reduced size, that fits on a table), and perfected before being re-digitized, while reworking the mathematics in search of the perfect proportions and surfaces. We then used the clay once again in the actual dimension 1:1. The finishing details were added to the model, such as headlights, windows and grids. It's and artisan's job where modelers and designers use tools similar to those of a sculptor, such as spatulas and chisels, to sculpt innovative shapes.

creating the clay model of the Fiat Fastback

On paper and clay, at all times, adhesive tapes were used to demarcate character lines and body proportions. "More than the strength of the forms, it's a concept car that brings meaning to people's lives, inspired by the most diverse audiences with different lifestyles", says FCA's Exterior Design Leader for Latin America, Daniel Gerzson.

With the calculations defined and checked, everything is ready to start building the final model of the Fiat Fastback. With a metal and Styrofoam internal structure, the body was machined in resin, first by a milling machine, and then finished by hand. In total, the model has about 60 pieces, between the main body, headlights, grille, lanterns, wheels and everything else. Each wheel, for example, consists of 5 separate items. All the parts were built in conjunction with the body.

FCA's Interior Design Leader for Latin America, Rafael Peixoto, enjoys the creative freedom that concept cars allow. "We have the opportunity to experience and express ideas with greater freedom. Inside the Fiat Fastback, we pushed the envelope with the design attributes so as to create a light atmosphere, with sculpted volumes that envelop and are filled with details that remind us of our daily home products", he says.

Fiat Fastback dashboard

"It is not enough for the product to be beautiful. We have to think about the interaction with people. With the Fiat Fastback, we had a poetic license to put the essence of what we believe to be Fiat's jewel in the Automobile Show", says Paula Fujii, FCA's Color & Materials designer. The enhancement of its shine came with an unprecedented color. The Moonstone hue was carefully developed to create an intense reflection and striking contrast, like a gemstone.

Before the painting process, the surface of the body had to be worked. "It was sanded and got a finishing material, which is a light gray primer", explains Celso Morassi, supervisor of Modeling at FCA. "Then three more layers were applied: a first one with black paint, then the color itself, and finally a high-gloss varnish", he adds.

spray painting of the Fiat Fastback prototype

Several parts, such as logos and headlight frames, were prepared in 3D printers. In the assembly phase of the concept car, the Latam Design Center team worked hard and integrated in order to follow every detail of all the steps. The alloy wheels and the FIAT logo were the last details. "The FIAT logo appears on the front and back grille, making a reference to the essence of the brand's original lettering. The Fastback signature was inspired by swift gestures", explains Daniel Gerzson, who also explains the reasons for choosing the name: "We are looking for simplicity, in homage to pure Italian design."

Fiat Fastback detail of left tail light

Throughout the production process, Fiat has released teasers giving us a sneak peek backstage of the model's creation.

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Words: Daniel Schneider

Pictures: Marketing

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