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​The new way to get a brand-new car

With the new Fiat and Jeep subscription service for brand-new cars, FCA is revolutionizing the relationship between consumer and vehicle.

January 14, 2021 - Within the automotive market, mobility companies are growing. Increasingly, different sectors see the car as a service to be enjoyed.

It’s in this scenario that looking for a car with the freedom of not having to worry about buying, selling or taking care of insurance or maintenance has become significant. It’s precisely for this reason and to meet this demand that FCA is launching Flua!.

The group's new mobility company offers a subscription service for brand-new cars from the Fiat and Jeep brands, with a pilot project that begins this friday. For the Fiat brand, the service will be available in six cities in the state of São Paulo (Campinas, Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Sorocaba, Valinhos and Vinhedo), in addition to Curitiba (PR). Jeep availability starts at dealerships in the city of São Paulo. "Flua! was born with a baggage of more than three years of mobility market studies. Several international benchmarks and consumer surveys have been done to understand behavior and trends", says Fábio Siracusa, Head of Operations at Flua!. He explains that the subscription system is a new business model to attract a new type of customer.

"It’s a client who is not attached to property and values technology. And what does he/she want? Convenience, with practical solutions in the palm of his/her hand; Clients want to optimize their time and not worry about bureaucracy; predictability of costs and freedom to choose where to invest their own money; and confidence of getting high quality service", says Fábio.

A brand-new customized car

Fábio Syracuse, director of Flua!Fábio Siracusa, Head of Operations at Flua!, FCA’s new mobility company.

For Fabio, another wish he identified in costumers was the desire to always have a new car, appropriate for their needs. "The subscription car makes perfect sense when we think that the customer is not decapitalized, that is, he/she doesn’t have to shell out the initial investment typical of the conventional purchase of a vehicle. You can, with monthly payments, have a new Jeep all the time in your garage", explains Gustavo Valente, dealer at the BEXP Group.

In the pilot phase of Flua!, which is scheduled to debut on January 15, the customer will be able to choose eight Fiat models (Argo, Nova Strada, Toro, Cronos, Grand Siena, Doblò, Fiorino and Ducato), in addition to the Jeep Renegade and Compass. All cars right out of the FCA factories, customized according to the specifications of those who sign up for the plan. On the Flua! Website, the consumer will be able to assemble the car by subscription as he/she wishes, with options and colors, as when a brand-new car is purchased.

The customer will also be able to choose between the different plans of 12, 24 or 36 months, to roll for 1,000, 2,000 or 3,000 kilometers per month. The signing of the contract takes place by e-mail or in person, in dealerships that have Flua! service.

"From the moment the vehicle is purchased all the way to its delivery, the customer is not alone", Fábio says. After finalizing the subscription, the client will have access to Easy Tracking, which allows you to track your order until the car is ready to be picked-up, directly at your selected Fiat or Jeep dealership. "As soon as you sign up with Flua!, the customer will have a deadline for delivery and will be able to keep track of the production progress. We pride ourselves on our transparency", he adds.

Watch this video to see how Flua! works:

Agility and Convenience

"With customization, the client wants agility and not worry about documentation, insurance and maintenance", says Fábio. So Flua!'s service provides all the necessary documentation (IPVA, licensing and plates), insurance with tracker, preventive maintenance, 24-hour assistance (vehicular and residential) and management of fines. "The site directs the contracting, but once the car is delivered, all services can be accessed on the Flua! App", explains the company's Head of Operations.

For the car’s maintenance, the customer can choose any of the 713 Fiat or Jeep dealerships in the country. "The company's business model was created in partnership with the Fiat and Jeep dealer networks. Therefore, we have a huge capillarity system for the two brands. It’s a union of efforts to offer a complete service to the client”, says Fábio. At the end of the contract, the customer has the option of buying the car. If you don't want to, the priority goes to the dealership network.

The entire service was created exclusively for the Brazilian market, focusing on the subscription for individuals and for small and medium-sized businesses. "Fiat has always been a cutting-edge brand. We are now experiencing a new market in which we need to have a new way of selling cars”, reflects Marcos Penna, dealer of Grupo Sinal.

Pilot Project

Flua! service pointThe first part of the process can be done with the Flua! App.

For the pilot project, Flua! has installed service points in 28 dealership showrooms in the state of São Paulo and four in Curitiba, Paraná. The estimated duration of this first phase of the company is about six months. "We were born within this culture of agility. And for us to be agile we must always look for innovation for our customers", says Fábio.

The idea of the pilot project is to gather information to structure the expansion of our portfolio and the expansion to the rest of Brazil. "We have high expectations regarding the company's potential and volumes. A more assertive projection depends on the next steps, but we expect continued growth, even reaching new cities, with the expansion of services and our portfolio with future launches of Fiat and Jeep", he concludes.

Words: Luiza Lages

Pictures: Marketing

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