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FCA is the most innovative manufacturer in Brazil for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, according to a ranking published by Valor Econômico in partnership with Strategy&

July 17, 2018 - There are several ways to innovate: new products, processes, markets and business models. Having a vision of the future is the basic premise for innovation and, in this context, FCA has invested in strategies that bring together elements of the digital economy and the industry 4.0. These are movements that already bring results and recognition, such as the highlighted ranking in the Valor Inovação Brasil ranking, published by the Valor Econômico newspaper in partnership with Strategy&, a consulting firm of PwC, which pointed out the 150 most innovative companies in Brazil in 2018.

FCA was among the three most innovative companies in the category "Automotive and Large-Scale Vehicles", earning first place in the passenger and light commercial vehicle segment. In the overall ranking, the company jumped from 124th position in 2017 to 27th this year.

Valor Econômico newspaper

According to Breno Kamei (photo below), Director of Portfolio, Research and Competitive Intelligence for FCA-Latin America, creativity and perfect understanding aligned with consumers' aspirations are powerful tools to innovate. "The better informed and connected consumer is changing rapidly. In order to expand our boundaries, by identifying opportunities for change for the future, we must always connect the company's strategic challenges to new technological, social and behavioral trends", adds Kamei.

FCA's continued investments in connectivity and the pursuit of the "focus on customer's focus", betting on the development of digital solutions, were key elements for good year-to-year performance. In 2017, Fiat launched its first customer application. Owners of the Fiat Argo, Toro and Cronos models have access to services such as 24-hour assistance, call center chat and pre-scheduling of services and reviews in the palm of your hand. The development and evolution of the app has enabled FCA to accumulate important learning experiences, including Artificial Intelligence solutions, in order to deliver the best customer experience.

In the process of innovation, our highlight is the newly created Manufacturing 2020, a lab created with the concept "testbeds" (concept tests) in the Automotive Plant in Betim (Minas Gerais-Brazil). In order to point out the most relevant trends in the future of Industry 4.0, robotics solutions, virtual simulation, Internet of Things (IoT), Additive Manufacturing, Augmented Reality, among others, are put into practice. As of this year, 2018, there are 49 ongoing concept tests. A further 35 will be added to reach the goal of 84 projects for the year. The area works on three fronts: "Experimentation" for concept tests; "Training" for the development of human capital; and "Partnerships" which allows us to connect with suppliers, universities, startups and public authorities.

Just like our Manufacturing 2020, the SIMCenter was also idealized in the context of open innovation. In partnership with the university PUC Minas, it is the first Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Center in America. The space offers the ultimate in world-class simulation technology. In addition to the driving experience in total driver immersion, it aims at generating innovation and research focused on the safety of vehicles, people and road systems. The system, the first of its kind in the world, consists of a platform that performs all the movements of a real vehicle through nine simulation actuators; a cockpit equipped with an audio system reproduces the sounds of the engine and the reaction of the tires with the ground; and a curved screen with a viewing angle of 230°.

Breno Kamei

In the Innovation Brazil ranking, groups of companies from different sectors are evaluated according to their investments in innovation, best practices, new products and solutions, strategies and other indicators. The annual publication, carried out with the support of the National Association of Research and Development of Innovative Companies (Anpei), evaluates investments made primarily in Brazil - a cut that allows to match the parameters of national and multinational companies. The evaluation of companies is based on five main criteria: Intention (strategy and vision + culture and values), Effort (resources, processes and structures), Results (general results + specific results), Market Evaluation (quotes) and INPI (patents).

Words: Ana Cecília Rezende

Pictures: Marketing

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