Jeep Grand Cherokee 2020

​The Jeep® that revolutionized the luxury SUV segment

Boldness and grandeur define the Grand Cherokee, Jeep that maintains the tradition of technological innovation and collects admirers around the world

December 4, 2019 - A car that made its first public appearance going up the stairs and breaking the entrance glass of the Detroit Showroom had no way of not becoming a reference in the automotive universe. The Jeep Grand Cherokee did a lot more than that. With its launch in 1992, it was responsible for creating a new design for the luxury SUV segment. Since then, it has become the world's most award-winning sport utility vehicle, synonymous with advanced technology even to this day and, in its nearly three decades of life, has won a legion of fans all over the planet. Not to mention that it is the best-selling Jeep of all times, surpassing five million units around the planet.

In Brazil, the current generation of the Grand Cherokee has just received a package filled with semi-autonomous technologies with features such as adaptive cruise control (ACC), front collision warning system with automatic emergency braking (FCW+), lane changing alert system with correction assistant (LaneSense) and semi-automatic parking (Park Assist) - items present in the Jeep Compass.

Offered in a single version (Limited Diesel), the Grand Cherokee 2020 uses a reputable 3.0 V6 turbo diesel engine of 241 hp and 56.1 kgfm, combined with the eight-speed automatic shift and the famous Quadra-Trac II full-wheel drive, with crawl ratio capacity of 44:1 with reduced capacity, which can transfer 100% of torque to the rear axle. There is also a descent control (HDC) and Selec-Terrain traction system with five modes: Auto, Snow, Sand, Mud and Rock.

The Grand Cherokee began to be officially imported to Brazil in 1994 and became coveted even by those who could not yet drive at the time. "My relationship with jeep is a lifetime story, because ever since I was a kid, I was smitten by the Grand Cherokee", reveals product and beauty development consultant Paul Assumpção.

Grand Cherokee Limited 2014 belonging to the consultant Paul AssumpçãoPaul's love for the Grand Cherokee started in childhood and has increased over the years

Now 29, Paul recalls that when he was seven he fell in love with the SUV. "The parents of my then crush from school had a Grand Cherokee Laredo 1997 and I always invented some pretext to go to her house just to go in the car. I would even open the window to better hear the roaring of the six-cylinder engine of that version."

And what was Assumpção’s first purchase at the age of 20? "A blue Grand Cherokee Limited 1997, which I used every day for three years and brought me many joys. It was all original, it drew attention to its V8 engine and never let me down," recalls Paul, who, despite not doubting the off-road power of the SUV, never really liked venturing with his Jeep on off-road trails. "I can do it with other people's cars, but not mine [laughs]. I never did it with my first car and I don't do it with my current 2004 Grand Cherokee, which I bought last year because I like to see it clean, with no scratches", he explains.

Jeep Grand Cherokee on expedition through Venezuela with journalist Fernando MiragayaIn 2012, Miragaya faced an off-road expedition through Venezuela with the brave Grand Cherokee

With a totally different attitude than that of Assumpção’s is journalist Fernando Miragaya, from the website Webmotors, who in 2012 participated in an expedition in Venezuela driving a Grand Cherokee through challenging trails. "We drove in a forest reserve, facing stretches of road where most would say, 'the car will not make through here'. But the Jeep is extremely brave and has never given up" says Miragaya, fond of the brand.

Jeep Grand Cherokee in mudJeep Grand Cherokee wallowing in mud on an expedition in Venezuela.

"That event was a great opportunity to attest to the robustness and dexterity of the Grand Cherokee on off-road routes. We faced stretches with lots of mud. The terrain was less adherent than usual because of the rain, it was very uneven, so the car would end up with its wheels suspended. It was quite fun and exciting also because it’s a country where the SUV is produced", says Miragaya, who never had a Grand Cherokee, but knows why he should one day.

"I've always liked the car for its robust image and advanced technology. It’s a sport utility that can be used daily on the asphalt, with great comfort, and at the same time is not afraid of mud. In addition, I appreciate the square style of the first generation and I remember seeing here in Rio de Janeiro, where I live, football players driving Grand Cherokees everywhere. In the 1990s, it looked like every player had a Jeep."

Marcos Rozen and his Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 1995In addition to being Rozen's daily companion, the Grand Cherokee is one of the rarities of the Automotive Press Museum

Creator of the Miau (Automotive Press Museum), journalist Marcos Rozen is another passionate about the car and the history of the Grand Cherokee. "I have a huge collection of articles and videos about the SUV, but the most valuable object - besides being my daily companion - is the Grand Cherokee Limited 1995, which I consider it to be part of the museum."

With his car for 12 years now and with no plans to sell it, Rozen wants to make his Grand Cherokee a collectible vehicle, entitled to black license plates. "That's what's missing and I'll do it when my Jeep turns 30. I really like the car and it currently has 98,000 kilometers and it’s in great condition. The cushioned seats, the most luxurious for the time, are more comfortable than the sofa in my house", he jokes. "In addition, I appreciate the grand cherokee's striking achievements in the automotive segment, such as the fact that it was the first SUV to have an airbag for the driver," he highlights.

VHS tape launching the Jeep Grand CherokeeA Rarity: Rozen holds a never opened 1995 Grand Cherokee VHS release

In Miau's collection, Rozen recently exhibited an extremely valuable material for him and Grand Cherokee fans. "I got no less than the factory release of a VHS tape, the exact year of my Grand Cherokee [1995] and I really want to watch its content. The problem is that the tape has never been opened, that is, it has been closed in the original packaging for no less than 24 years! A total dilemma: do I open it or not? I'll answer now, I'll open!"

Informed about the existence of this tape, Fernando Miragaya and Paul Assumpção were unanimous: "we want to be present on the day he opens this VHS tape". Certainly, that's the wish of all Grand Cherokee fans.

Words: Leandro Alvares

Pictures: Personal collections / Marketing FCA

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