Ram 2500

​"Ram is more than a brand, it's a family core"

Robustness, comfort, safety and technology make the 2500 even more desirable in Latin America

August 20, 2019 - A reference in pickup trucks for almost 40 years and manufacturer of the most desired vehicle of its kind in Brazil (see below), the Ram brand collects a legion of fans across the globe for a very simple reason: it's impossible not to fall in love with pickups like the 2500 - sold in the country since 2005. If you still have any questions, just ask anyone who has had the experience of accelerating a Ram. "It's a vehicle that involves emotion and is a consumer’s dream among truck fans", says civil engineer Kleber Barros Magalhães, who was seduced by a Ram 2500 nine years ago and never considered any other brand.

"I’ve always liked big trucks, 4x4s and diesel, an appreciation I inherited from my grandfather. Almost all the cars I’ve had have been in this segment, but it was only in 2011 that I saw and bought my Ram. I can say for sure that it was love at first sight for many reasons; its robustness, style, comfort, performance and technology. There is no competitor here that matches it", explains Kleber, who had his for three years.

Kleber with his customized Ram 2500 and English bulldog WoodyKleber with his customized Ram 2500 and English bulldog Woody, who’s no fool and has ridden in it too. Woody belongs to his friend Paulo Roberto, who has a Fiat Strada, and is also a Ram fan, of course.

"I had to sell it, but after 15 days I came to the conclusion that I could no longer live without a Ram. It was then that I researched and found a 2006 Ram 2500 with a regular cabin. Since then, it has become my pet and my travel partner", according to the participant’s profile @ramclubebrasil on Instagram, which currently brings together more than 36,000 Ram fans.

For Kleber, the road is synonymous with Ram, especially when the destination is tied to friends who also own the brand's pickup truck. "With my first one, I had put in almost 100,000 kilometers of adventures. With my current 2500, I've driven 20,000 (km) since I first bought it a year ago, even though I haven't traveled that much."

Roque Ramos Filho with his Ram 2500

Another fan of Ram and roads is businessman Roque Ramos Filho (pictured), an administrator for @gruporambr, with over 9,000 followers. He just sold his 2012 Ram 2500 to buy another one. Now I just have to choose whether it will be from the 2018 line or the following year/model. "The new 2500 is simply amazing, but I believe I will first buy the 2018 because I want to experience all the models", he explains.

Like Kleber, Roque has enjoyed pickup trucks since childhood. "I really like trucks because of my dad, who always had one. Ram satisfies me because it's big and gives me the feeling of being in a luxury truck, but with the agility of an average pickup. Plus the cost-benefit is great", he praises. "The Ram 2500 is not a pickup truck, but a very competitively priced truck in Brazil. It’s a more modern vehicle compared to many medium pickup trucks", he compares, also referring to the fact that to drive a 2500 you need a driver’s license with a C or D category as with trucks. This is because the total gross weight (vehicle + maximum load) exceeds 3,500 kg, which makes it a truck according to the Brazilian law.

Challenged to define the Ram in one sentence, the businessman was categorical: "It's more than a brand, it's a family core." He goes on: "I’ve had people I’d never met before come over to my house, people I met through the Ram group on Instagram. We are a brotherhood that keeps growing. Wherever you park, you end up making new friends. Before purchasing my Ram, I had 34 others pickups. None of them were like this one".

Roque defines Ram as a mutant pickup truck, referring to the numerous possibilities for customization: "its size allows for a number of unimaginable alterations for a mid-size pickup. Not to mention the original Mopar accessories available. On my Rams I lifted the suspension, used bigger tires and painted the wheels. The 2500 I sold recently had bigger and more aggressive headlamps with its stylish black housing, roof lamps, and the Ram logo on its tailgate, among other changes. I didn't do it on the previous ones, but next time I'll install an electric side step, a very practical accessory that makes the model more imposing". Kleber has already adopted the electric side step on his current Ram 2500: "I also put in bigger tires and a performance chip in the engine, leaving it with almost 500 hp", he says.

The Ram's high level of safety reinforces the list of reasons that make truck fans appreciate the brand even more. "If you talk about tough work, pulling a trailer and staying safe, you’re talking about a Ram. Trucks don't scare me on the road when I'm aboard a 2500", Kleber points out. "I have complete confidence to go on long family trips. My daughters, by the way, love to ride the Ram", adds Roque.

And when the love for the brand makes you leave your work behind? Roque reveals that he did so last year. "I received an invitation to see the Auto Show and didn’t think twice. I left Bahia for Sao Paulo and it was worth it. I couldn’t drive (unfortunately I had to fly), but some friends I met at the show had come with their Rams. It was the biggest party ever”, he recalls.

Ferocious Success

Born in 1981 as a Dodge pickup division, Ram became an independent brand in October 2009 just months after Fiat took control of the Chrysler Group, the first step in becoming Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), completed in January. For Juliano Rossi Machado, Ram, Dodge and Chrysler Product Marketing Manager for Latin America, this decision was more than right. "The separation gave strength to the Ram brand with a number of utility products such as pickup trucks and vans. Dodge has also benefited from further specializing in muscle cars with aggressive and robust designs", he says.

For him, consumers' growing love for the Ram is linked to the "almost exclusive universe of owners, many of them members of the fan club". "The owner of a Ram pickup truck is a keen connoisseur of the machine he/she drives. And we appreciate it. Our aim is to hold events that directly reach our target audience such as horse show events, animal auctions, rodeos. We also have a close relationship with the clubs, which keeps us up to date on what is happening within that community".

This "almost exclusive universe" justifies the result of a March Google survey that voted the 2500 as the most desired pickup truck among Brazilians. The survey gathered 1,000 respondents, all truck owners residing in agribusiness cities with the largest share of Brazilian GDP, such as Cascavel (PR), Uberaba (MG), Rio Verde (GO) and Dourados (MS).

Ram's sales in Brazil are another source of joy for the executive. "Licensing for the 2500 has been growing year after year. The numbers are important within the price range at which it is sold. In this ranking, we are among the eight bestselling vehicles. With the launch of the New Ram 2500 in November of this year, our goal is to further improve our sales performance", he says.

The launch has not yet taken place, but the New Ram 2500 has already performed triumphantly in Barretos during the 64th Rodeo Festival. One of the first units of the new model was reserved for the winner. That’s what we call a Festival! The New Ram 2500 has been completely redesigned and, amazingly, it has even more strength, refinement and new technology in its segment.

New Ram 2500

Beautiful and ferocious, all in one. Its newly designed front is still imposing, but is now more stylish with the new LED daytime running lights, grille and bumper. The hood is more muscular reflecting the developments in the Cummins 6.7-liter inline 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine, which is even more powerful than the previous one. The sides and rear were also redesigned with new wheels, fenders, rearview mirrors, LED taillights and other new features.

The inside has more surprises which include the new multimedia center, which is now 12 inches! With so much space, you can for instance see the air conditioning controls and phone via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, all at the same time.

The New Ram 2500 Laramie arrives at dealerships in November with a suggested retail price of R$ 289,990. You may also book a pre-order.

Words: Leandro Alvares

Pictures: Personal Archives

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