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​Fiat is summoned for the Brazilian and Colombian soccer teams and will play in both

The brand is sponsoring the two teams and launches in Brazil a special Argo series

June 25, 2019 - Fiat is on top of its game. Since last year, the brand has resumed partnerships with sports teams. In Minas Gerais, the Brazilian state where the Fiat Automotive Plant is located, the company is already a partner of the Fiat Minas volleyball team and the three largest football clubs in the capital: América, Atlético and Cruzeiro (here in alphabetical order, so as to not get confused) . This year, the sponsorships were signed for the national soccer teams of Brazil and Colombia. The partnerships are for the men's, women's and youth teams, and run until the end of the Qatar World Cup in 2022.

We’re in full soccer mode, my friend! To celebrate the sponsorship of the Brazilian teams, Fiat launched in Brazil a special series: Fiat Argo Seleção. Limited to 1,500 units, the series is a tribute from Fiat to celebrate the partnership with CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) during the Men's America Cup and Women's World Cup month.

FCA's top scorer and one of the biggest sales successes of the group in Brazil, Fiat Argo Drive 1.0 enters the field as a starter, wearing the yellow jersey (or blue, if you prefer) of the Brazilian Team. With a suggested price of R$ 56,680, the Argo Seleção is an amazing goal for fans of the model – as they say in football jargon.

The commemorative version (photo above) comes with exclusive stickers with the colors that represent Brazil, darkened caps, a dashboard with monochromatic hues and two new color options for the hatch: portofino blue and Indianapolis yellow. Another important differential of the Argo Seleção is the nine inch touch screen multimedia center.

The new limited edition has added a new move on the field: Mopar’s Special Warranty, which adds two extra years to its original warranty for a total of five years of factory service. It can therefore be said that the Argo Seleção is a five-time champion, just like the Brazilian team. But to make it fair to everyone, Fiat will provide the Additional Mopar Guarantee to the entire line of products and other versions of the Argo, for R$ 1,776. In addition, buyers of the Argo Seleção will also receive a Nike bag with the Fiat and CBF logos.

One of those responsible for the creation of this special series, Raphael Marques believes that the Argo Seleção will be successful in the field. "It unites the most coveted characteristics of today's consumers: differentiated style, connectivity and long-term care. And nothing better than the Argo Drive 1.0 version [the best-selling in its category] to be a part of this special series together with the national passion for football", says Brand Manager for the Fiat passenger line.

As impressive as the car itself was the speed with which Fiat developed it. "It was a four-man job, executed in just over two months, with our department’s idea to take advantage Fiat's sponsorship of the Brazilian National Team with a product as democratic as football", says Marques. "As soon as we found out about the brand’s partnership with CBF, we started the negotiations with our Engineering and Purchasing team to make the product viable in record time".

The Argo Seleção is the first fruit of the four-year partnership announced on March 14 between Fiat and CBF. The tie covers important international competitions, such as the Women's World Cup (France), Copa America Brazil 2019, America's Cup 2020, Tokyo's Olympic Games (Japan) in 2020, and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

"This is a sponsorship that unites true champions: the most successful soccer teams in the world with a brand dedicated to its tradition of producing innovative and beloved vehicles by Brazilians", said Rogério Caboclo, Managing Director and President-elect of CBF. "For CBF, the bond with Fiat is highly strategic and it comes at an important moment for the Brazilian National Team: once the women's team enters the World Cup, the men's team will begin the preparation cycle for the next World Cup."


In Colombia, the agreement was made between the SKBergé group, exclusive distributor of FCA in the country, and the Colombian Football Federation (FCF), with the Fiat brand as sponsor and financial supporter of FCA.

According to SKBergé director in Colombia, Luis Torres, "this important alliance unites the discipline, the tireless work and the resilience of a team with the tradition of a brand that lingers in the hearts of Colombians and shares the same passion with the maximum performance, strength and inspiration".

FCF president Ramón Jesurun said: "It is a great joy to have the support of a brand as important as Fiat. We are confident that this partnership will bring great benefits to our Colombian teams. We are proud to have Fiat as our official car". He is referring to the Fiat Mobi, the official partnership vehicle.

Luis Torres and sports leader César Pastrana with the Colombian jersey with the Fiat brand, symbolizing the partnership

"Before the announcement of the sponsorship, FCA already had as its ambassadors Jerry Mina as defense (for Fiat) and Juan Quadrado as back (for Jeep)", says Francisco Pastor, FCA's marketing manager for the region. "The new partnership reinforces Fiat's position as the leading brand in the Colombian market", he says. In fact, in 2018 the brand presented one of the most successful cases in the automotive sector, with a 550% increase in sales in Colombia.

"Fiat's partnerships with the Brazilian and Colombian teams open the way to do the same in other Latin American countries. Fiat and football are linked through the same attraction for football and cars, two of the greatest passions of Latin Americans", says Pastor.

Words: Daniel Schneider and Leandro Alvares

Pictures: Marketing

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