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"Jeep develops the region and the people who live in it"

Since the inauguration of its Automotive Plant in Goiana (Pernambuco, Brazil), Jeep has changed the lives of entire families. Learn about the stories of those who had the first employment opportunity with FCA

July 23, 2019 - Son and grandson of fishermen from Pontas de Pedras, district of the municipality of Goiana (Pernambuco), Ramones Luna, 23, remembers, as if it were today, the day he got what he calls the "greatest gift" of his life . "It was January 26, 2015. That day, I was hired as a mechanic at the Jeep Automotive Plant", he says. The date, however, means more than just the date he got a job. It signified a change in his own professional perspective. That's because Ramones was one of the 583 employees who until today found in Jeep the first formal job opportunity and for the first time in their lives faced a challenge that came with the signed work permit.

For Jeep's Human Resources manager Caio Duarte, the opportunity to get your first formal job and change your life, especially for local people, reflects the company's concern to invest in the workforce of the region where the plant is located.

"When FCA decided to install in Pernambuco its most modern factory in the world, we had in mind the objective of investing in the potential of these people and give them the opportunity to change their professional perspectives", he says. Generating employment, being concerned with the qualification of our employees and the constant search for improvements are part of this group and has a direct impact on income, self-esteem and professional progress of the people of our region".

Automotive Plant in Goiana, worker

Ramones's story with Jeep, however, began the year before he was hired. "I participated in the selection process for trainee through a partnership between Jeep and Senai (National Service for Industrial Learning), where I took the technical course of automation and entered as an intern in the Press sector in August 2014", he recalls. With no experience on his résumé, after all, it was his first formal job, Ramones says that knowledge was acquired little by little.

But it was at this rate that he got, two years later, his first promotion in the company as an Electromechanical Technician 2. "I was showing my achievements, the knowledge I had gained, studying each component and was very grateful because Jeep recognized my effort, my work and commitment", he says. But the achievements did not stop there. Less than a year later, he was promoted to Team Leader in Maintenance, a position he still holds today.

"I was quite proud of myself, just like everyone else in my house", he says, explaining that the family's income, which came from the traditional fishing, was now coming from his job at Jeep. For those who survived on an informal job, the chance of being formally hired by a "big company" - as he refers to Jeep - was unique. "For those of us from this region, it's a unique opportunity. I find it interesting how Jeep treats its employees and how it preserves the culture and invests in the local workforce", he says.

Automotive Plant in Goiana, worker

Bruno Bello, 23, is also among the employees who had the opportunity to get the first formal job through Jeep. From Pernambuco, in the municipality of Jaboatão dos Guararapes, Bello got to know the Jeep Automotive Plant three years ago during a technical visit through Nassau University, where he studied Mechanical Engineering. "I didn't think it would be the first company I would work in, because everyone in my classroom wanted to work there" he says.

In 2016, Bruno participated in the selection process and was admitted as a production assistant. After two years, he achieved the position of production executor. "Ten months later, I was promoted to the position I have today: Team Leader. I didn't expect it, but I gave it my all, developed my skills and acquired more knowledge. I can't estimate how much I learned. But with that, came the promotion", he says.

Bruno's first job, apart from giving him and his parents the derved pride and professional and personal growth, it provided him the financial independence that he and his family did not have. "Today, I pay for my college with my salary and I help my parents. I'm also building my house and buying furniture", he says. For him, the opportunity to get his first job in a multinational company like the Jeep is unique. "It's interesting to see people like me, so young, having a chance like this. It's a great Jeep initiative because the company is interested in developing the region and the people who are in it".

Words: Isabela Alves

Pictures: Marketing

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