New Ram 700 pickup

​Completely renewed, the New Ram 700 is here to conquer Latin America

Boasting a four-door double cab, the new generation of the Ram 700 arrives in Central and South America to further dominate the compact pickup truck segment.

October 26, 2020 - Carrying the responsibility of being the main launch of the brand in 2020 is something that only the new generation of Ram 700 would be able to do so well. The pickup truck was presented in early October completely redesigned — with a new platform and a new engine option, a seductive design inspired by that of its older siblings, a modern electronic architecture, more comfort, safety and entertainment equipment, as well as a four-door cab — to fulfill the mission to further dominate the compact utility segment in Central and South America.

“The Ram 700 is not only the best-selling model of the brand, but also the gateway to the Ram world in Latin America. With this new generation, its positioning will be even more robust, because the new Ram 700 represents a total evolution”, says the director of the Ram brand for Latin America, Breno Kamei.

The new Ram 700 will have three versions: SLT, with a 1.4 Fire gasoline engine with 85 hp and double or single cab option; Big Horn, double cab with the same engine; and Laramie, with a 99 hp 1.3 Firefly engine, also with a double cab. It will be offered with a five-speed manual transmission, front-wheel drive and electronic differential lock, called TC+.

Rear of the new Ram 700 pickupThe Pickup will be sold in three versions: SLT, Big Horn and Laramie.

In terms of safety and technology in the new generation of the compact pickups, the feature highlights are traction and stability controls with ramp start assist, side airbags, electric steering, full LED headlights and fifth generation Uconnect multimedia center, with touch screen and Android Auto or Apple CarPlay systems with no need for a smartphone cable.

“This model already plays an extremely important role for the brand. With approximately 40% of the market share, we ended 2019 with 20% more sales compared to 2018. It’s important to note that in Chile the Ram 700 is the number one among small pickups since 2019. And although this year has been very difficult for everyone, Ram is the only FCA brand growing in the region, which gives us more strength for the most important launch of the brand in 2020”, reinforces Breno Kamei.

New Ram 700 pickupNew grille and full LED headlights attract a lot of attention of the new Ram 700.

The design of the new Ram 700 is undoubtedly one of its strongest pillars, and the path for defining the pickup lines came from consumers. “We worked carefully to study our customers, the way they use pickup trucks, their needs and desires, to find out what kind of product we had to develop”, says the director of the FCA Design Center for Latin America, Peter Fassbender. “With this data in hand, we began the process of creating the new generation of Ram 700. And thus, the four-door double cab for five passengers was born. It’s an innovation in the segment.”

According to the designer, one of the main objectives was to have the Ram identity in the new product, following the DNA of larger models such as the Ram 1500 and 2500. “The best example is its front, which follows the brand's identity with its expressive presence. This is why we worked hard on the model’s front end. The LED headlights guarantee greater fluidity and design, without losing the visual identity of the Ram line”, explains Fassbender.

Panel of the new Ram 700 pickupNew multimedia center with touchscreen and wireless smartphone mirroring is one of the differentials of the 100% redesigned cabin.

Inside, the Ram 700’s innovations were also designed based on customers' wishes. “The simple cabin, with a greater focus on professional use, brings many innovations, with more space behind the seats and more niches for objects. The driver's position was another point of great attention, with a complete overhaul in ergonomics for maximum comfort in all situations. Whatever the purpose may be for having such a vehicle, the new Ram 700 has been carefully developed to serve the consumer in the best possible way, whether for work or leisure”, Fassbender guarantees.

Product Marketing Manager at Ram, Juliano Machado is confident that the new Ram 700 “will be the benchmark in the segment and become very quickly the leader”. “The four-door model will open up a new segment of customers that had never previously considered a pickup. Ram 700 is supporting us in the strategy of bringing more and more technology and comfort to the Ram brand. Our importers are very happy with what they have seen in the product and with several orders already placed from customers”, he reveals.

The arrival of the new Ram 700 will take place in 2020. “We will have the truck by the end of the year in all countries throughout Central and South America, with the exception of Mercosur. As of 2021, it will be sold in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean Islands, in addition to Mexico”, says Machado.

For Breno Kamei, The Ram has a natural knack for accompanying entrepreneurs to whatever their needs may be and the new Ram 700 is another important step for the brand in Latin America. “The pickup truck is the only one in its segment with a double cab for five occupants, which greatly expands the spectrum of consumers, whether for leisure or work, but without leaving out all the characteristics of robustness that made it so iconic for a more professional use”, emphasizes the executive. “This will be the vehicle that will bring the Ram brand to new levels of market share in Latin America”, adds Juliano.

Words: Leandro Alvares

Pictures: Marketing

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