Fiat Argo and Cronos S-Design

​Fiat Argo and Cronos enter the dark side of the Force

Compact hatch and sedan receive S-Design Series, with darkened details and items that democratize access to comfort and technology

December 9, 2019 - Have you ever heard of the S-Design concept? If not, this will change, with the launch in Latin America of the Fiat Argo and Fiat Cronos models of this exclusive series. Created by FCA in Europe in 2017 and used in the Fiat 500X, Tipo 5 doors, Fiat 124 Spider, 500 L and StationWagon Type models, the S-Design was adapted by the group in Latin America initially to enrich a car that has always been successful: the Fiat Toro. Now, the concept reaches the compact hatch and sedan of the brand. "Toro gained even more grandeur with the dark details. Cronos and Argo are cars that already possess the essence of sportsmanship and the S-Design series highlighted these characteristics", says Valéria Santos, color and materials designer at the FCA Design Center for Latin America.

You can really get an idea at this point as to why the series got its name. S-Design is actually means Shadow Design. Contrary to what happens in the Star Wars saga, however, in design, the dark side is not something bad; it only makes cars even more beautiful and refined – let’s hope Darth Vader doesn't listen to us.

As the main DNA of the series, darkened elements make up the characteristics and reinforce the identity of the brand. "The Italian design is represented by the combination of sportsmanship and elegance in the bright black details and metallic colors", says Pietro Irama, graphic designer at the FCA Design Center for Latin America. The inspiration for the concept was the foggy Piedmont region of northern Italy and its mysterious aesthetics. "The interior with dark roof and finishing touches in shades of gray and black characterize the cars and translate this typically Italian feel", according to Valéria.

Fiat Argo in the S-Design SeriesThe Fiat Argo in its black tie attire.

"The S-Design version offers exclusivity and democratizes content, facilitating customer access to a higher level of comfort and technology", says Adêmiton Lemos Jr., from FCA's Product Marketing area. According to him, uniting visual differentiation, highly valued technology at an excellent cost-benefit value, the series reaches its even more demanding customers while facilitating the choice of a more complete car. This is because the S-Design goes beyond the external and internal darkened elements that make it sportier. It offers items that are typically only found in top of the line versions. Fog headlights, multimedia center with Apple Carplay and Android Auto systems, digital automatic air conditioning, rear view mirrors and rear electric windows are some of these attractive items. The Fiat Argo 1.3 and Fiat Cronos 1.3 of this series feature 15" alloy wheels with shadow black, which makes it very dark and striking. The value of the S-Design package is pleasing: R$ 3,890 for the Argo Drive 1.0, R$ 5,350 for the Argo Drive 1.3 and R$ 3,500 for the Cronos Drive 1.3. It's almost a Millenium Falcon ship in technology, but for a price that fits in your wallet.

Fiat Cronos in S-Design VersionFiat Cronos in all its somber elegance

But then S-Design prioritizes very dark cars, right? Not exactly. Models can be customized with whichever external color (Montecarlo Red, Silverstone Grey, Vulcan Black, Vesuvius Black, Banchisa White, White Alaska and Bari Silver). The Fiat Cronos (you can see it on the inside in the photo below) even has another color option: the exclusive Marsala Red.

"On November 26, expert journalists saw the inspiration for the creation of the special series, the entire visual concept and how it amplifies the strength of our models", says Adêmiton. There is still no prediction as to the launching of new S-Design models, but the trio available (Argo, Cronos and Toro) covers all tastes: for those who love compacts, those who love the ample space and trunk of a sedan and for those who enjoy off-road adventures in a pickup truck. It’s the legitimate Italian design, but with South American brushstrokes, little padawan!

Inside the Fiat Cronos S-Design

Words: Bárbara Caldeira

Pictures: Marketing

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