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With the new portal, Mundo FCA is transformed into FCA Latam Stories: more connected and globalized

November 21, 2018 - With just 4 years as a group and more than a century of history, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has a lot to say. And we are not just talking about the milestones of the past, but especially the facts of the present and, of course, the future that the company is helping to build. These are stories like the ones you will follow at FCA Latam Stories.

In Latin America, FCA has been present for more than 40 years, and since 1997 it began to narrate stories in Brazil with its Mundo Fiat magazine, which had more than 130 printed editions until 2015. "When the magazine appeared, the objective was to inform our internal and external public about all the operations of the then Fiat Group, which not only produced cars, but also auto parts, trucks, tractors, harvesters and other machines. After merging with Chrysler, the magazine was renamed FCA World and the stories then focused on the automotive operations of the new group", according to Roberto Baraldi, FCA's Media Relations Coordinator.

Within the pages of the magazine, the universe of the brand and its enthusiasts were portrayed, until 2016, when it was no longer printed but reborn in the digital environment, with the launch of the Mundo FCA portal, an evolution in storytelling with content in Portuguese, Spanish and English. In two years, more than 200 stories have been published, on subjects such as sustainability, innovation, culture, mobility and, of course, people. "The migration of the printed magazine to the digital model accompanied the modernization of the company itself, which digitized several processes and operations. The entire project for the FCA Mundo portal was designed so that the content would fit a platform also connected to social media", explains Baraldi.

The evolution of the FCA World portal has resulted in the recent creation of FCA Stories which is the visible part of a large movement that gathers great stories in a single environment, side by side with experiences built within each region where FCA is present. Thus, three tabs have been created: Latam, Emea, constituted by Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Nafta.

Of the three tabs, the one for Latam Stories is the most recent, but it already impresses for its diversity of topics, with contents that depict the most diverse regions of Latin America, such as the adventures on Brazilian beaches with the Tamar Project, for the protection of sea turtles; the launch of the Jeep Cherokee in the city of Cusco, Peru; and competitions in the Valle Nevado in Chile. The places are diverse, but there is a converging point in all our publications: people at the center of the narrative, using emotion to show the Latin American way of being and their passion for the world of car.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee

By sharing stories, FCA brings people closer through real experiences and emotions. The narratives are about adventures, discoveries, challenges and achievements, from the perspective of customers, employees and family, partners and, of course, the most diverse people who identify with the values of the Fiat, Jeep, RAM and Mopar brands, just to name a few , because the list of FCA brands is extensive. "Good narratives create ties of recognition", says Fernão Silveira, Director of Corporate Communications and Sustainability at FCA for Latin America. "Behind a car, there are several people who work to create and produce, as well as customers who always have inspiring and differentiated moments. Our challenge is to tell stories in a warm and engaging way".

Words: Daniel Schneider

Picture: Marketing

Art: Fabricio Moura

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