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​Women prefer Fiat

Top of Women Award honors the brand as favorite among Brazilian women. Professor Suely is one of those in love

October 22, 2018 - Retired teacher, Suely Eustachio Vale, 69, a resident of São Paulo, remembers her first Fiat car well. It was an Elbe, purchased in 1989. "It had just launched, and as soon as I saw it, I fell in love with it", she recalls. Since then, she and her husband have bought many cars, but never changed brands. There’ve purchased 12 Fiat cars over the years, all bought in Suely's name, who even went so far as to star in an advertising campaign for her favorite brand. Check it out:

Her loyalty to Fiat has already become a family heritage. It's that Miriam Vale, her daughter and also a teacher, had a Palio as her first car. Currently they both drive a Fiat Cronos. And Suely believes that the following generations will perpetuate the tradition, considering that her granddaughter, Ana Maria, who is only a year and a half, is happy every time she drives with Mom or Grandma.

Like the women in the Vale family, thousands of Brazilians also prefer Fiat. This was confirmed by Cláudia magazine's Top of Women Award, which heard two thousand women in Brazil. Among the 500 brands in 30 categories, they chose Fiat in first place in the "automaker" category.

For the women in the Vale family Fiat is a tradition

This is the second edition of the award, which began with a research done in partnership with MindMiners, a company specialized in market research. The brands chosen by Brazilians women were announced in a special issue of the magazine published in July. According to Fernanda Vicentini, a market research consultant for Abril publishing house, there is a fundamental difference between men and women as consumers: "Women, in general, are practical and make choices based on their reality", she explains. "Men, especially the young ones, can cite aspirational brands, which they wish to have," she explains.

"The award crowns our effort to offer products that meet customers' needs through efficient and innovative communication identified within this particular group", said João Batista Ciaco, head of Brand, Marketing and Communication of FCA for Latin America

Demanding in their choices, women are mindful of the various attributes within each brand. The survey conducted by the Top of Women Award identified price, quality and practicality among some of the most observed aspects. In addition, when it comes to cars, attributes such as comfort also attract these women consumers.

"My first car, for example, was a Fiat Palio which had great interior space and in its trunk. I carried all my stuff in it. It was very practical, in addition to having excellent performance and gas mileage, which was essential because I was driving 100 km each day commuting from my house in the East Zone of São Paulo to go to work downtown and then driving to college in the West Zone", recalls Miriam Vale.

For Suely, for example, a car must accommodate her entire family. For this reason Fiat's comfort, safety and ample internal space are the main differentials. "In addition, the car has to be beautiful and provide good customer service in its dealerships, which counts a lot", she says.

In her daughter's case (Miriam) priorities changed a lot after the arrival of her daughter Ana Maria. "When I was a student, I wanted a more compact car. Now that I am a mother, my needs have changed. I think of the inner space for my daughter's car seat. That's why I chose Cronos, my current car, which has a large internal space and accommodates the baby seat with enough room to spare", she explains.

What do women want?

Women want to be positively surprised. This is one of the conclusions of the survey Top of Women, which highlights brand innovation as one of the most important ingredients for Brazilian women. In this regard, , FCA's head of Brand, Marketing and Communication, João Ciaco recalls that "it's necessary to create new ways of thinking and surprising consumers". The executive cites the investment of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) in technologies 'made in Brazil'. There are two Research and Development Centers in the country, located in Betim (MG) and Recife (PE). They work in conjunction with the other units around the world to bring the future to the present in the auto industry. Innovation is also within the factories, equipped with laboratories that create the technologies and solutions that consumers experience in cars.

They value sustainable brands

Commitments to reduce environmental impacts are also valued. In this regard, the brand stands out with several pioneering programs developed at the Fiat Automotive Plant in Betim (MG). In the factory, 99.6% of the treated water returns to the production process – a record in the automotive sector. Another landmark is the Zero Landfill. Since 2011, 100% of the waste generated is destined for recycling and reuse. Not to mention the social projects, such as Cooperarvore. It is a cooperative formed by women from the region of Jardim Teresópolis, which transforms waste, such as safety belt trimmings and automotive fabric donated by Fiat and suppliers, into fashion accessories such as bags and backpacks. In 12 years, the Cooperarvore reused about 36 tons of material and produced more than 248,000 products.

And, as it should be, those cars that are favored by women are also made by women. They are present in all factories, in various functions, including senior management positions. They are women like Alexandra Morales, 43, who is the manager of logistics operations at the Fiat Automotive Plant in Betim (MG). She heads a team of 1,012 men (and 15 women) in the largest automotive plant in Latin America.

Words: Mariama Correia

Pictures: Marketing

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