Fiat Toro 2020

​With a furious look, new Fiat Toro has its eye on you

With close to 50 shades of gray, the Fiat Toro 2020 brings the irresistible Italian concept of the S-Design, new entry versions and larger multimedia central

July 11, 2019 - Imagine your Fiat Toro with the same exterior color that you love so much, but with darker details that give it more of that bad boy look that everyone falls for. You have just visualized the Italian S-Design concept (the S is from Shadow), which Fiat just brought to usher in the 2020 version of the Fiat Toro. In addition to roll bars and black rocker panels, the model’s interior and the Fiat logo are dark.

Combining style and content that meets the needs of a dynamic and sporty public that looks for a modern and distinctive character, the concept debuted in Europe with the Fiat 500X and the 5 door Tipo, after its world-wide launch at the Geneva Motor Show (Switzerland) in 2017. Other models already have the new configuration, like the 500L, the Tipo Station Wagon and the sporty Fiat 124 Spider. In Brazil these concepts are available for the Freedom versions of the Fiat Toro 2020 (flex and diesel), to combine style and seduction that conquers at first sight and yet offers a personality that perfectly matches the two worlds it travels in: the functional and or the emotional.

Fiat Toro 2020, back

Fiat Toro 2020, interiors

Thus, the award-winning style of the Fiat Toro is even bolder in its S-Design version, which can be customized with any of the nine available exterior colors (Billet Silver, Deep Brown, Jazz Blue, Ambient White, Polar White, Colorado Red, Carbon Black, Antique Gray and Tribal Red) and its entire darkened interior to compose the elegance of the ensemble. Let's look at the complete list of items that make up the special package, priced at R$ 5,000:

- Dark interior (ceiling and columns);

- Adhesive strips on bonnet and back of the bed;

- Darkened logo of the version and motorization;

- Emblems and special badges;

- Black roll bars and rocker panels;

- Exterior mirrors, front top grille and gray roof bars;

- Darkened wheels;

- Specific color for: multimedia center frame, air vents, door handles and speaker rims;

- Seats lined with leather and fabric blend;

- Leather-wrapped front doors and panel with black seams;

- Rear central armrest with cup holders;

- Darkened Fiat logos.

Some of these items are incorporated into the truck at the factory, in Goiana (PE), by the Mopar Custom Shop, maintaining quality and total guarantee.

Fiat Toro 2020, front

"The S-Design is a concept already present in European models that will give the Freedom version of the new Fiat Toro 2020 a more sporty and elegant look with a touch of sophistication and pure Italian taste", says Rafael Filon, manager of FCA's commercial vehicles and pickup trucks for Latin America.

The launch of the new Fiat Toro 2020, with about 200 journalists, fleet owners and dealers, was held on July 10 and 11 at the Sheraton Reserva do Paiva hotel in Recife (PE). The test-drive was carried out between the hotel and Forte Castelo do Mar, on a 30 km (round trip) course along the ocean, amid the beautiful landscapes of the coast of Pernambuco.

Other Versions

If you saw the photos, you certainly noticed that the model also features a new bumper with an overbumper, which fully integrates with the front design of the Fiat Toro, present in all versions. Incidentally, the Fiat Toro 2020 has two new Endurance versions: Manual Flex and Turbodiesel with 9-speed automatic transmission.

The S-Design version, the new Endurance versions and the new bumper with overbumper are not the only innovations debuting in the Fiat Toro 2020. The model also brings a new state-of-the-art multimedia center, with a 7" touch screen (40% larger) with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and TomTom navigation. Simple and intuitive, the user interface is facilitated by the controls on the steering wheel.

Our pickup, considered the best equipped on the market, is even more complete in all the versions, with new standard features. The new multimedia center is also standard on all versions, with the exception of the Endurance. The key-commanded alarm system is standard in all the versions. In the Endurance versions the bed is now fitted with rocker panels and the rear window has a unique protector, all to facilitate transport and prevent damage when carrying heavier loads.

A total of four versions are available (Endurance, Freedom, Volcano and Ranch), with three engine options (Flex 1.8 and 2.4 and Turbodiesel 2.0), combined with three different gears (five-speed manual and automatic with six and nine speeds). As family car in the city or on paved roads as a luxury SUV to something heavier on dirt roads and farms, the Fiat Toro 2020 features the most extensive line of pickups for all uses, tastes and costs, with 4x2 or 4x4 traction options.

"We now have an even more complete portfolio, with versions that meet the most diverse needs", said Herlander Zola, Brand Fiat director for Latin America and commercial director for Brazil.

The pickup truck with the design of your dreams

An SUV with a bed or a revolutionary pickup? It's the same thing. Just over three years ago, Fiat Toro inaugurated both the mid-size pickup truck segment in Brazil and the SUP (Sport Utility Pick-up) concept in the world, while daring to combine the strength and ruggedness of a pickup truck with the comfort of an SUV. A success for the public and the critics, the model has received more than 15 awards and is the absolute leader in sales in its category, with more than 170 thousand units marketed since its launch and currently with 29.3% of the market share between medium and large pickup trucks (segments C and D).

Born from the concept of a car that evokes power, sturdiness and functionality, the Fiat Toro was designed to suit both pickup lovers who wanted the comfort and drivability of an SUV and SUV lovers who wanted the convenience of a pickup truck. With such versatility, the Toro can be the family car that can also carry loads for work, help you show off your skills on the field (especially the 4x4 version) and even dress up for the evening to conquer hearts. After all, it has infinite possibilities. This very successful merger of seemingly antagonistic features is one of the main reasons for the Toro's success. Not to mention the astonishing design, vigorously beautiful.

Among the awards given to the Fiat Toro, five are for its design, including the iF Design Award, recognized worldwide for over 60 years, the Objeto Brasil Award, one of the most important in the country, and the international Red Dot Award, considered the Oscar of design. No wonder. "The car is beautiful", sums up, without false modesty, the director of the FCA Design Center Latam, Peter Fassbender. "The Toro is certainly a great achievement", he says.

"The result was great, achieved with the freedom we had to create for our market. It’s an elegant solution not only in design but in engineering as well. The dynamics are spectacular. It doesn’t feel as though you're driving a pickup truck. It was a learning experience for the entire team which demonstrates that we are capable of creating specialized products, perfect for our market with products that surprise everyone", says Peter. "Customers love the Toro and are very pleased with it. My wife also has one and she drives it in the city, happy as a clam."

Words: Daniel Schneider

Pictures: Marketing

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