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An old case of respect for nature

‘Na Trilha da Transformação’ or 'On the Trail of Transformation' series premieres on Canal Off showing the partnership between Jeep and Project Tamar through the eyes and memories of Nina Marcovaldi

July 31, 2018 - Nina Marcovaldi grew up watching the sea turtles. Even before graduating as a biologist, she knew, as few people do, that such species swim miles, breaking thousands of paths across the seas returning to the beach where they were born. Still, Nina, the daughter of the founders of the Tamar Project, could not imagine that she would blaze her own trail along the Brazilian coast to find her origins, much less that this adventure would be recorded through the lenses of the Canal Off.

This year, the biologist redid the same route that her parents, Guy and Neca Marcovaldi did in the 1970s, aboard a Willys Jeep, to found the pioneering research and the preservation of marine life on the Brazilian coast. Nina crossed the Brazilian states from North to South driving the modern Jeep Wrangler, Renegade and Compass on the route of the Tamar units along the country's coast. This off-road adventure in total contact with nature gave birth to the series On the Trail of Transformation, which debuts on Tuesday, July 31 at 9pm, both on Canal Off and on social networks.

"It will please those who enjoy nature and adventure", says Nina. With four 25-minute episodes in the first season, the series takes the viewer along a trail of beautiful landscapes and paradisiacal beaches. Between roads of asphalt, mud, rocks and sand, Nina goes to communities impacted by the transforming legacy of Tamar. With an adventurous spirit, she also takes advantage of the trip to surf and dive, her favorite sports, and enjoy off-road adventures in the best Jeep spirit.

The first season of the series was recorded in Fernando de Noronha (Pernambuco), Florianópolis (Santa Catarina), Aracajú (Sergipe), Ubatuba (São Paulo) and Praia do Forte (Bahia). "It was an incredible experience to travel through my country visiting places where the history of Tamar, which is also mine, began to convey the message of nature preservation", says Nina.

Map showing some of the spots covered during the first season of the series

In the Trail of Transformation we witness historical moments, such as the mark of 35 million hatchlings returned to the sea. The event was celebrated in the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, in Pernambuco, on April 6, with the release of hatchlings and the participation of the community.

According to Tamar, out of every thousand of sea turtle hatchlings that are born only one or two survives. In addition to natural predators, these endangered animals also face man-made threats, such as fishing nets and ocean pollution. For this reason, the researchers work on monitoring of nests and spawning.

In Noronha, these and other Tamar activities have gained a new ally with the recent delivery of a Jeep Wrangler. The 4X4 traction vehicle is helping researchers navigate the hard-to-reach beaches where many turtles lay their eggs. In all, Jeep has already made nine vehicles available to Tamar, which were distributed among the various units of the project.

In addition to caring for the young, Tamar also registers and monitors the adult turtles. About 5,000 adult turtles have already been recovered in feeding and spawning grounds by the internationally recognized project. This large database also subsidises research.

Nina Marcovaldi in her natural habitat: "An incredible experience"

Another highlight of the series' first season, in Nina's opinion, was the contact with fishermen in Florianópolis (Santa Catarina). "Connecting with the community was powerful", she says. She recalls that when her parents started the project, sea turtle fishing was customary among the beach communities. Today, thanks to the work of Tamar on environmental awareness, this reality has changed.

In the series Nina redid the same route as her parents in the 1970s, founders of the Tamar, both on a Jeep


Nina's journey down the Brazilian coast was recorded in one month. Filming in so many different places in that short amount of time was a challenge for the production team. "It was really an adventure because turtle spawning does not happen on a schedule", says Jeep content and creation head Barbara Bono. "Nature has its time. We had a road map, but we often had to reschedule the route. And that's also part of the Jeep spirit".

Barbara also says that the partnership with Jeep and Tamar has been a longstanding one: "Tamar started with the founders cruising the coast aboard a Jeep Willys". "Recently, we further tightened this partnership with the delivery of new 4x4 vehicles for the project, which is part of our actions for the conservation of biodiversity". Nina attests: "Jeep vehicles are very important for our work, because we need vehicles that can take on any terrain."

Overcoming obstacles, moreover, has everything to do with the message of nature preservation that the Trail of Transformation hopes to convey to the public. So, are you prepared for this adventure? Check out a teaser on the series:

Na Trilha da Transformação (On the Trail of Transformation) - The weekly series with four episodes (first season). New episodes every Tuesday at 9pm. Premiere 31/07.

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Words: Mariama Correia

Pictures: Marketing

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