Valle Nevado ski slopes

The Jeep spirit climbs the Andes Mountains​

Largest winter sports center in the Southern Hemisphere, Valle Nevado (Chile) received jeeps and promoted competitions

August 31, 2017 - About 50 kilometers from the Chilean capital and an hour and a half of zigzag climbing the Andes, there is the beautiful Valle Nevado, the largest winter sports center in the Southern Hemisphere. The landscape is breathtaking and not just because the place is 3 thousand meters high! (check the photos below).

That's why Jeep has traditionally celebrated the Chilean Jeep Day for the past 15 years, which this year took place on August 5th. In addition to trails with the Jeeps in the snow, there was a presentation of iconic brand vehicles such as the Brazilian Renegade and Compass, as well as Wrangler, Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, among the many other owners' jeeps, already accustomed to riding there – or not , because the infrastructure of the place is considered one of the best in the world for beginners who wish to venture out skiing and snowboarding, for example.

With this in mind, the event featured competitions with these sports and rewarded the highest ranked adventurers with Mopar kits and passports for next year's edition. Of course they won't skip it because even the food served in local restaurants is amazing!

The Valle Nevado is the ideal place to celebrate the adventurous lifestyle and the off-road essence already enshrined by the Jeep brand worldwide. It is not by chance that there are exclusive parking lots for Jeeps! After all, what other car would get there?

The photo you saw at the top of this post is the infrastructure seen from afar with its famous hotels and top restaurants. Founded in 1988 by French entrepreneurs who wanted to make a European-level station there (inspired by Les Arcs), the center has 800 hectares of ski area. There are more than 100 slopes for all types of skills. Since 2003, Valle Nevado has hosted one of the stages of the Snowboard World Cup.

Words: Daniel Schneider

Pictures: Marketing

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