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​"One of the biggest transmedia projects Brazil has ever experienced"

In an innovative campaign integrated by Fiat, Rede Globo and Leo Burnett, soap opera character becomes poster girl for the automaker

October 9, 2019 - Does life imitate art or does art imitate life? This reflection, which has passed through brilliant minds such as that of Greek philosopher Aristotle and Irish writer Oscar Wilde, remains current and is far from a having a definitive answer. If the boundaries between real and fiction are not very well defined, imagine in a narrative that joins everyday life, a high rating soap opera and Instagram, a social network that has more than 70 million users in Brazil alone. That's exactly what happened in the groundbreaking multiplatform campaign co-created by Fiat, Rede Globo and Leo Burnett Tailor Made. The character Vivi Guedes, a digital influencer played by Paolla Oliveira in the plot of "A Dona do Pedaço", replaced herself in real life as the poster girl of the automaker. So, Vivi created her own life on and off screen and, following her striking style and determined personality, drew a lot of attention. It was the first time an actress had "lost" a role (in the real world) to a fictional character. Luckily for Paolla that the character is played by herself. ;)

The amusing mess left the audience “smelling a rat” when Paolla announced, in a Fiat commercial, that she was saying goodbye to the partnership, signed in 2015. Shortly after, the character in the soap, played by the actress, received an invitation with the Fiat logo for a mysterious campaign. Those who follow the telenovela and are avid users of social networks, followed the unfolding of the suspense: Vivi, the protagonist’s niece in the plot, Maria da Paz (oops, she still does not know it!), was chosen as the brand’s new ambassador, causing surprise among viewers and followers of the character's Instagram page @EstiloViviGuedes, with over 1.8 million views at the time of this publication. In a post sponsored by Fiat, Vivi invited her “seguimores” (as she calls her followers, in her best influencer style) to follow the commercial, aired August 8. As one of the transmedia strategies, Vivi Guedes, appears in a scene from the soap opera, behind the set before recording a Fiat Toro ad, saying how happy she is for the opportunity and for even "beating a famous television actress". What follows is a 30-second ad, that’s both part of the telenovela as well as a commercial break, where she continues by advertising for the pickup truck. The scene features the Fiat Cronos, Fiat Argo and Fiat Mobi models which she calls her “recebidões”, another reference to the popular language often used by bloggers and Instagram personalities.

Vivi Guedes with Fiat Toro

The campaign, made in partnership with CRIE (FCA's Digital Content and Creation hub), is an innovative creation in Brazilian TV. Not only was it conceived within the channel's studios, but, for the first time, under the same management nucleus responsible for the plot - which even includes director Walcyr Carrasco - produced an ad. "Collaboration has always been the most important word in this partnership with Globo, which started with Paolla as our poster girl and our contract with the actress already includes a product placement in the soap opera", explains Maria Lúcia (Malu) Antonio, Marketing and Communication Manager at FCA Latam. "The growth of Vivi Guedes as a character and influencer in the plot also made it possible for us to play with the reality present in fiction, and vice versa", she adds, highlighting Paolla as a partner of Fiat and someone who has a positive result in all of her participations. For Malu, one of the great merits of this is that it entered into the audience's routine in a subtle and fun way, offering entertainment rather than decontextualized merchandising.

Instagram Vivi Guedes

"The campaign is one of the biggest transmedia projects Brazil has ever experienced. It's much bigger than a video", says Tomas Correa, Creative Director of Leo Burnett TM. He points out that the storytelling of the action is built on different platforms that play with the real life of Paolla Oliveira and the daily life of Vivi Guedes, a light, creative and attuned character. "This is the intelligent edge of the campaign: content and advertising go together all the time. To get an idea, we received from Globo part of the script for the telenovela that had yet to be recorded to create Vivi’s stories according to the plot," reveals Tomas. On the digital influencer's Instagram, she mentions Fiat and Fiat Toro quite a bit, with a language that captivates the audience, from the supposed meeting of the character with the brand to records of the consolidated partnership.

Accumulating titles for being the first commercial filmed within Globo Studios and the first moving vignette integrating merchandizing and advertising, the reality-fiction’s double take impacted over 36 million people, spent more than 6 hours on Twitter's Trending Topics and reached 39.6 audience points during Fiat's presence on the soap, according to Kantar Ibope Media. Vivi Guedes (or is it Paolla?) seems very comfortable in her skin, at least when it comes to the digital world.

Check out the Vivi Guedes video featuring Fiat cars, in the transition between soap opera and TV commercial break:

The full video, which includes the pre-commercial scenes from the soap, can be viewed here on this Globo Play link.

Words: Bárbara Caldeira

Pictures: Marketing / Instagram Prints @estiloviviguedes (montage: Bárbara Caldeira)

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