Group of people at Vozes Daqui project presentation

​"They need to know that they can achieve what they want. They need people who believe in them."

FCA launches the project Vozes Daqui in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, to give prominence to students from municipal schools in the region

September 10, 2019 - To strengthen the students to become protagonists within their own school and improve their relationship with their community through greater socio-cultural involvement. These are the main pillars of Vozes Daqui, a project launched on August 28th by FCA in the municipality of Goiana, in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, where the Jeep Automotive Plant is located. The project’s aim is to give a voice and opportunities to the youngsters in municipal schools to become more active in school and get closer to the rich local culture. At the time of the launch, managers, teachers and students from the contemplated schools received plaques symbolizing their participation in the project.

With an investment of R$ 1.5 million, Vozes Daqui has the Banco do Brasil Foundation and the Italian non-governmental organization AVSI Brasil as partners. The 3 year project, it will serve nine schools in the city of Goiana and benefit 450 elementary school students, as well as 25 teachers and school managers and 40 community leaders and residents.

Fernão Silveira ratified that the Vozes Daqui project reinforces FCA's social commitment to education.Fernão Silveira ratified that the Vozes Daqui project reinforces FCA's social commitment to education.

“We believe that education is a decisive factor in promoting social equality and working to strengthen public education in Goiana has been one of our priorities in social investment since the inauguration of the Jeep Automotive Plant four years ago. With Vozes Daqui, we want to promote a harmonious environment to enhance and promote young people's interest in school and learning", says Fernão Silveira, FCA Director of Corporate Communication and Sustainability for Latin America.

Fernão stressed that the project arrived to strengthen FCA's mission with education in the municipality of Goiana. Another ongoing project, also aimed at improving the quality of education, is the Rota do Saber Program, carried out since the Jeep Automotive Plant arrived in the Zona da Mata Norte of Pernambuco. The program, which focuses on the qualification of pedagogical managers and teachers of public elementary schools, covers six municipalities in the region and serves 183 schools, directly impacting 1,100 educators and 30,000 students.

Students from Goiana's municipal school The project will benefit 450 students from Goiana's municipal school network, as well as 25 teachers and school managers.

FCA Sustainability Coordinator for Latin America, Luciana Costa, says that Vozes Daqui will offer workshops through the methodology known as Educommunication, which uses communication tools and techniques for teaching. "Students will be able to produce videos and photos, for example, to work on didactic content. Not only formal content, which is already part of the school’s curriculum, but mainly content that will enhance the relationship with the community", she explains, stressing that the idea is for the topics of the classes to be focused on the local culture. "It's a form of identity, of rescuing the meaning of traditional or folkloric stories and festivities in order to contribute to the relationship between family and the collective or the community", she explains.

Another pillar of the program is the implementation of projects within schools. The goal, according to Luciana, is for young people to organize themselves into committees and think about concrete projects for the school. "The ideas will be developed by the youngsters themselves, prioritizing leadership, but we can also cite examples that go from building parks inside the units to renovating courts, building libraries or developing radio at the school. We want students to go through an immersion so that they understand the main demands of each school individually", she says. The projects will be funded by FCA and the Banco do Brasil Foundation, which will follow the process from start to finish.

For Luciana, these two bases will favor the leadership of youngsters of Goiana. And not only for the 450 students contemplated by the project, according to her. "Because this project is being done in partnership with City Hall, the idea is to replicate it in other schools in the future, reaching and benefiting the entire municipal network of Goiana", she says, noting that the launch of the project brought together not only teachers and principals to participate in the project, but managers of other schools who were interested in the format of Vozes Daqui.

Representatives of the Irmã Marie Armelle Falguiéres School receive a mounted certificate symbolizing their participation in the project.Representatives of the Irmã Marie Armelle Falguiéres School receive a mounted certificate symbolizing their participation in the project.

The Irmã Marie Armelle Falguiéres Municipal School, located in central Goiana, will be one of the institutions contemplated by the project. School manager, Socorro Venâncio, 63, sees Vozes Daqui as an instrument to succeed. "As I see it, the project will give students the opportunity to grow, express themselves and see a new horizon in their lives", she says, calculating that about 50 students within her school will benefit.

Given the difficulties encountered in everyday life, the project, for her, creates a new perspective for youngsters in the region. "They need to know that they can reach new heights. They need people that believe in them. And I feel that with Vozes Daqui, Jeep shows that it believes in us." The enthusiasm of the students when learning about the project, according to Socorro, was unanimous. "They were excited about the idea and are already thinking of doing some kind of music-oriented project to develop at break time", she said.

Music is also part of the students’ plans at the Manuel César de Albuquerque School, which is in the neighborhood of Pontas de Pedras, as the manager, Sandra Pacheco explained. "Because we have instruments stored in a room back at school, our students are already thinking of doing a project in that direction," she said. For her, what’s most important for the students is that Vozes Daqui will be a great aggregating agent between school, family and community. "We really needed a project like this in the city where we live, where students have a voice to influence their environment. "Schools need interaction because it's so much more than a classroom and a blackboard".

Words: Isabela Alves

Pictures: Marketing

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