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​"The service through the app was agile and helped me get the information I needed"

First car maker in Brazil to use WhatsApp as a service channel, FCA has much to celebrate

March 31 2020 - It will be a year since Mopar – FCA's after-sales brand, responsible for vehicle customization and problem solving – began talking to customers through WhatsApp. The pioneering service among car makers in Brazil, began with Fiat customers in April 2019, then expanded to Jeep customers in June and is now the second most accessed service channel, behind only by the traditional telephone contact (for now).

Owner of a Fiat Grand Siena for the past five years and resident of Ribeirão Pires (SP), where there is no dealership for the brand, João Wilson Nery a computer technician wanted to get a new car and accessed WhatsApp to learn more about the Fiat Cronos automatic. "It was practical and fast", he says. Through the app João received all the information and specifications he needed and decided to drive over to the neighboring São Bernardo do Campo to see the Cronos personally and talk about its tax exemption for handicapped. The documentation was sent by email and soon he will be getting his new car.

João Nery and Fiat Grand SienaJoão Nery with his Fiat Grand Siena.

As a Jeep client for the past two years, public servant Thális Brito Oliveira has a Renegade and a Compass and also lives in a city without a dealership for his favorite brand: Janaúba (MG). He used WhatsApp to schedule a revision and ended up trading his old car for a new Compass. "The service through the app was agile and helped me get the information I needed", says Thális, who has been a longtime customer of the FCA brands. "From Fiat I've had a Bravo, a Linea, a Stilo, a Palio and an Uno", he recalls.

Cars belonging to Jeep Customer Thális BritoLong time FCA customer, Thális Brito has a Renegade and now a brand-new Compass - he went to schedule a revision for his old car and ended up getting a brand-new one.

Professor Gabriel Koch lives in Ipira (SC) and is a recent Fiat customer. He has a Punto and got in touch with the company through WhatsApp because he needed the vehicle’s manual. "They sent me the manual via the app itself. It was very agile and easily accessible. I liked the practicality and the service as well. I was very well taken care of", he says.

How it works

Mopar's WhatsApp doesn't sleep. It is active 24 hours a day, every day of the week. That's because when the customer sends a message through the app – the number for Fiat is (31) 2123-6000 and jeep's, (31) 2123-4000 – it automatically receives a menu with predefined topics according to an analysis of the most sought-after issues (manual, functionality, dealership information, recall, among others).

The initial service is done via a very friendly bot. But if the customer misses the human touch, they can call a service representative right on the app. Humans are available Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, and on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. If the call takes place outside these times, the human attendant will answer the call as soon as office hours begin. It’s important to highlight that despite the practicality and efficiency of the WhatsApp service, our other customer service channels (such as telephone, email and chat) still work.

WhatsApp Fiat and JeepInitial screens of customer service via WhatsApp from Fiat and Jeep.

The way in which WhatsApp operates is good for customers and the company. According to Cristiane Paixão, deputy director of Customer Care at FCA, "this channel ensures easy and affordable service and respects people's availability. It’s not invasive and it adapts to each of the customer’s necessities. In addition, it allows for continuous development through feedback and searches that indicate new content possibilities. Being on WhatsApp was a pretty smart decision. It’s now the second most accessed channel, which shows our customers’ great acceptance".

According to the consolidated data of 2019, Fiat and Jeep totaled more than 2.8 million messages exchanged, 8,802 pre-appointments (recall /services) and 90% of user engagement served by the bot.

Tuned and responsive to customer needs

Fiat is among the 25 best companies in Brazil for 2019 in the IBRC Exame Ranking (Ibero-Brazilian Customer Relations Institute). The ranking has existed for 10 years, and in six of them Fiat was among the best, having also stood out among the companies of the decade.

For Luis Santamaria, Mopar's director for Latin America, the ranking shows FCA's continued search for better service. "The secret is to be aware of customer's needs and be attuned to the market. WhatsApp is an example of what has been done. Effective, friendly and practical, it facilitates customers’ lives, because it allows close and agile communication, in addition to being quite personal. The level of satisfaction is impressive and the trend will increase the success of the channel", he says.

WhatsApp service joins other innovations in services, such as the digital dealership as well as the platform that allows you to experience cars over the internet.

Luís Santamaria, director Mopar Latam, Cristiane Paixão, deputy director of Customer Care at FCA, and Poliana Zignago, Customer Care supervisor, at Fiat's awards in the IBRC Exam RankingThe award as a highlight in the IBRC Exame Ranking was received by Luís Santamaria, director of Mopar in Latin America, by Cristiane Paixão, deputy director of Customer Care at FCA (right), and Poliana Zignago, Customer Care supervisor.

Words: Vanessa Costa

Pictures: Marketing

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