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Meet your new car, live, on the internet

With Fiat Live Experience, the customer can learn all the details about the car without leaving home

December 16, 2019 - FCA has developed many advances in the digital area. The digital dealership allows the customer to make configurations to the car at interactive tables and get expert help to make the purchase if need be, with the option of having the car delivered to their own home. In addition, customer service can be done via WhatsApp, one of the channels provided for asking questions and receiving information about products and services, courtesy of Mopar, FCA’s after-sales brand. To maintain its pioneering attitude by always offering the best in technology and innovation, both in products and in the user experience, Fiat lauches the Fiat Live Experience, a platform that makes it possible for customers to learn about the car (starting with Fiat Argo) wherever they may be, via mobile phone, notebook or desktop, without downloading any application, only through internet access.

"FCA is always seeking to offer the best in technology and innovation to its brands and Fiat has always been a pioneer in this regard. As the result of an integrated work that combines innovation and improvements in the journey of the consumer, we present Fiat Live Experience, a digital tool that offers customers the opportunity to get to know our cars without having to leave home and stay in an environment where they make most of their decisions: the digital one", announces Frederico Battaglia, Director of Brand Marketing Communication at FCA for Latin America.

Alan Leite, responsible for FCA’s digital channels and performance, explains that the project was born from an evident characteristic of the contemporary consumer, which is, lack of time. "With this, more and more people are buying over the Internet, from brand and model to versions", he says. But according to Alan, the already available Point of View (POV) videos that feature cars, for example, are not enough to increase the understanding in these digital searches. Therefore, Fiat, consistent with its broad process of digital transformation, went further. "An expert will answer these and other questions and make the sale. The idea is for the consumer to arrive at the dealership with a made-up mind. It's not about replacing the actual contact in the store, but working together, at a time that exceeds that of dealerships", explains Alan.

Specialists the Fiat Live Experience studioFiat experts show the different detailed versions of the Argo through the live customer service experience

This link, available Monday thru Saturday, from 10am to 10pm, gives access to a live service where the customer can talk to an expert and ask questions in a service that lasts up to seven minutes. You can also hitch a ride on an ongoing session and, in this case, only watch someone else's service, or even watch videos recorded by experts if the person wishes to know more about other aspects of the car.

The pilot project is being carried out with four versions of the Argo: Argo Trekking, Argo HGT, Argo Drive 1.3 and the newly released Argo S-Design customized with Mopar accessories. The cars are in a 200-square-meter studio in Betim (MG), near the Fiat Automotive Plant, and are presented by five experts (all wearing clothes from the Fiat Fashion brand) who know everything about the Argo. They are the consumer's eyes in the Fiat Live Experience studio and, in addition to showing the cars exhibited there, they display on the screen other optionals such as colors and versions.

Watch the Fiat Live Experience presentation video below:

As its consumers, Fiat is increasingly more digital

After the live service, the consumer has two options: schedule a test drive at the dealership or use the My Fiat platform to customize the car on online. In this second option, it’s even possible to begin the negotiations– payment options and whether the owner’s car will be used as down payment – and go to the dealership with everything ready to close the sale. According to Alan, "what’s left is for you to shake hands with the salesperson".

Words: Vanessa Costa

Pictures: Marketing

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