O Galo da Madrugada in the carnival of Pernambuco

​JeepⓇ goes to the streets with "the biggest Carnival group in the world"

With 41 years of international fame, the group O Galo da Madrugada receives support from Jeep as an institution of the carnival of Pernambuco

April 10, 2019 - The year was 1978. In the middle of a family reunion, the idea came up to revive the traditional and spontaneous street carnival of Recife, capital of Pernambuco (state of Pernambuco). It was from this desire that the group 'O Galo da Madrugada' appeared, and since then, the streets of the neighborhood of São José, in the city center, were never the same on the first day of carnivalknown as the Saturday of Zé Pereira. Still shy, the first year – when it was still called "Clube de Máscaras O Galo da Madrugada" - about 80 participants left the streets with bags of confetti and streamers. When, in 1995, it attracted 2.5 million people, it was officially recognized by the Guinness Book as "The largest group on the planet". Thus, nothing more natural for Jeep, following a long series of actions to support the culture of Pernambuco, than to announce its support for the 'Galo da Madrugada in the 2019 carnival.

"We believe that being close to the main local manifestations and supporting them is the best way to demonstrate our commitment and integration with Pernambuco, not only being part of its economy, generating employment and income, but participating in what is most genuine in this State that welcomed us with open arms", says Antonio Filosa, FCA president for Latin America.

Marketing Director for the Galo da Madrugada, Guilherme Menezes, believes that the partnership with Jeep was born from the affinity between brands. "Having its factory located in Pernambuco, Jeep shows that it believes in our state. So the importance of this partnership is enormous, because it demonstrates that we are together with those who believe in the Pernambuco culture, which is the biggest banner of our group", says the grandson of the idealizer of the group, Enéas Freire.

Art created by Raoni Assis to mark Jeep's support for 'O Galo da Madrugada' or 'The Rooster of Dawn"Art created by Raoni Assis to mark Jeep's support for 'O Galo da Madrugada' or 'The Rooster of Dawn"

Guilherme says that the idea of the name came up during the legendary first meetings in 1978, when they suggested that the group leave before the sun rises and before the shops open. "Then someone said that the group would have to wake up as soon as the rooster crowed. Thus, that's how the name came up", he explains. Today, the procession has taken on great proportions and begins much later, at 9am, on the Saturday of Zé Pereira – name given to the first Saturday of Carnival – which this year will be celebrated on March 2.

"FCA extends its activities to the cultural field and the decision to start Carnival shows that Jeep understands that in supporting this great popular celebration it's also fomenting several segments of the economy, such as Tourism, Hotels and Services, contributing to the strengthening of those chains and for the generation of jobs and income", says Fernão Silveira, director of Corporate Communications and Sustainability at FCA for Latin America. "Similarly, the support for a street procession, of the people and for the people, demonstrates the interest in joining the group that makes Pernambuco one of the states with the most outstanding cultural identity in the country.

"Throughout the 40 years of the group, people from countries like Italy, Japan, Germany, France and Israel have already been to Recife to see the Rooster crow. In addition, it has also been presented outside of the Country. That's because the group has inspired parades in various corners of the world. "We have" branches "of the Rooster in Peru and Canada, for example, where the procession is called" Rooster of the Snow ". Generally, they are Pernambucans who live outside the country and create these groups to enjoy the carnival in any way they can, "says Guilherme.

Ttwo guys take a picture together with a Jeep

Guilherme is a member of the third generation of members since the creation of the group. He says that for the whole family, the Rooster is more than a carnival procession. They are even preparing their children in order not to let this part of the culture of Pernambuco get lost. "When I was only 9, I remember that the group was somewhat amateurish, but made with lots of love. So I believe that the main peculiarity of this great party is that we seek to give it all that we got to foment the culture of Pernambuco".

Words: Isabela Alves

Pictures: Marketing / Raoni Assis

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